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Sweatcoin: A Powerful Secret People Use to Get Paid While Being Active.

In these modern days of financial turmoil many people are looking for ways to make more money. Why? Why not because having one salary is not enough anymore. And within  the approaching Recession heading our way people want to be safe and not caught out there with their asses in the air. 
It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the 800 pound Gorilla in the room. You probably have seen, ridden or know someone who is using Lyft and Uber to make some side cash. The gig economy is going strong with more and more people getting in on the action. Just look at your local App Store! They have tons of apps that can help you earn while you work your hustle. Some people will refuse to work side jobs because they think that is beneath them! They want to be at home and watch some dumb show!
 What a joke! 
In the future those very people will be the ones that will suffer, scream and moan how their lives are no longer worth living! While you and me are easily going through our day because we jumped and…
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5 Tiring But Essential Steps When Moving To Another State.

Look for the State you are interested in livingPlan a quick visit to check out the atmosphere and areaResearch! Check state economy and what types of jobs are in demand in that state. Also check where the state schools rank if you have childrenFind a place to live Begin looking for work in and around the area you are going to live inShop for a moving truck or a moving companyStart packing. Give away stuff you no longer need Once you find work give noticeDrive your family to your new home or apartmentMove your stuff to the new apartmentRegister your car and insurance to the state you live in nowChange your Drivers License Learn your way around and download Waze AppFind a jobAdd your kids to the School System Let everyone know where you live at now

And that my friends is how you properly move from one state to another. But if you are a person who hates waiting you can say “Fuck It!” at the last minute and move! You figure it out as you go!

10 Crazy Easy Steps in Getting a Job Quickly!

Little Story:
First I would like to apologize to everyone who has visited my blog and noticed it was not updated in quite a while. Truth be told I had been working on many things these past few weeks which has prevented me in having the time to post in this blog.
You see I had decided to move to another state where there are more opportunities for a man in my field of Technology.
Yes we moved to Florida! 
This happened in March when I first moved my family there but stayed in Va and worked until my wife was able to find a job. Within a few weeks she was able to grab a position at a well known firm in the Healthcare system.
While I worked in Va I would be sending resumes out to Florida businesses which I don’t know why got no response! I wonder if they got scared of dealing with me being that I was not a in state person. Even though I told them specifically that my family was there and I was still in Va working until I found something in Fla. Unfortunately, after several weeks of close call…

Lyft Passenger Referral Code! Use it! It works!!

How To Use the Lyft Passenger Referral Code:
1. Download the Lyft App 2. Once you have downloaded the App open it on your Smartphone 3. Once you have the Lyft App Open click on your profile whihc is located on the top left corner of the Lyft App screen 4. A Menu will open from the left hand of the screen.  4. On that Menu look for the box called "PROMOS" then tap it to open  A "Promo" window will open asking you to "ENTER PROMO CODE" 5. In the "ENTER THE PROMO CODE" box enter the Promo code "TIRED12" then enter!
And now enjoy! And you are Welcome!!

How to Secretly Find Out if that Sneaky Girlfriend or Boyfriend is Cheating on Facebook

Click on the Picture and read on how to find out if your sneaky Girlfriend or Boyfriend is doing on Facebook by collecting their User Data. Its free and I will not as for your email address.

This is a free book for you to read and pass around to everyone. You do not ned to leave an email address. This e-book will remain up for now so donwload it and get informed!

Why Being Your Own Person Is Important Today!

Why Being Your Own Person Is Important Today! Through out your whole life they have told you to follow a certain path. A path that will guarantee you all of the successes and rewards that you will ever need!
They tell you to finish school which is a noble thing to do until you get to college and start building that debt. You know its not a good deal as you are already putting yourself in serious debt and you are not even 20 years old yet! You do not even know why you are going to college. Could it be that you are only going because you heard it so much during your elementary and High School days that you began to think that it is the right thing to do.
You keep going studying and studying for a degree in some career field that is saturated with people with the same certification as you. You continue to bust ass as you think that is not going to be you, that you have a plan that will get you a job.
I know what I’m doing those people who are jobless never planned because I’m special!