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How To Raise Your Salary Thousands By Doing This!

Yes I said it and it worked for me! You can give yourself salary raises just by doing this one simpole thing! No, its not working hard and staying late as fuck while your relationships and social life crumbles around you.

It's pretty simple really once I explain it to you as plain English as I can!

What You Are Doing:

All your life you have been told that in order to make money and get the salary raises you need you had to work really hard! Bust your ass for your Master.. I mean your Boss. You work and work hoping that one day you will get recogntion for all the work you put in.

You are exited about your evaluations coming at the end of the year and you know you got a significant raise this year. You have been looking to update that car or move to bigger House or Boat. Then your name is called and you go to see your Manager. He gives you a paper to sign but before you sign it you read it and noticed that a lot fo the stuff you did to get noticed is not on the sheet.

Not being the t…
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Even Employers Don't Have It Straight

A few days ago I got an email from a prospective employer wanting to meet with me. Interested i went ahead and emailed them back that I wanted to talk to them about their opportunity. They went ahead and we set up a time to speak to each other at a time that we both can speak.

The day came and as I was waiting he interviewer did not call me a that time and I had to call him and got his Voice Mail and quickly left a message.

By this time my little voice inside began talking to me. Telling me how unprofessional these guys are and is it even worth it.

Just when I was about to get out of my car I got a call back and it was the Interviewer! He apologized for not calling on time and that the reason was is because he was on a call with another Director from the company and it ran long. I shrugged my shoulders and said it was okay and that I understand that sometimes these things happen.

The Interview:

I could tell that I was talking to a younger and the phone number he was calling me from was…

Should You Lie On Your Resume?

Have you ever wondered how some people have really good jobs and you know damn well that person does not have the experience or mental capacity to do the job?

These days with so much competition for jobs that people will do anything to get noticed and get that job. They steal, stab and yes even lie about their credentials to a point that even their College degrees may be bogus.

With so many people job hunting for that perfect job the competition is extremely fierce! Especially if its in a field where there are too many recruits looking for work adn not enough open positions. The question becomes how do you stand out from the crowd? If you look online there are many strategies that do work but takes time and effort from you to make it work.

But due to issues like not being technically savvy or have the time to put effort in those job strategies that I'm sure there are some people out there who are occupying positions that they are not qualified for.

So for some in order to get ahea…

Are Head Hunters Really Worth Your Time?

I'm sure all of you have a one time or another decided to move from one Job to another for whatever reason. The reason you decided to make the move could be because of money, higher position or even better benefits. All in all it is basically time to move on to bigger and better things.

I have jumped around a lot and have come across many a Head Hunter trying to convince you that they can help you get a job. They go through their whole pitch and it does sound good especially since its such a pain emailing resumes and filling out job applications a little help from someone is an appealing idea! That someone is willing to help you make that jump much easier.

Then you wait, and wait, and wait.

What are Head Hunters?

Head Hunters are just a name given online for Job Recruiters. They are the people who rummage through Job Boards and Job Search Engines looking for Candidates to fill their client's open vacancies. These guys will scour through Resumes that fit their clients specific …

Learn To See Life Clearly

If you are a person like me who is always aware of what is going on you will begin to notice after many years of observing that Life is predictable. At least what we call Life since everything is so under control by elites and authorities.

Politics especially is so predictable!

This bring me to something I wrote about a year ago when Trump became President. I only remembered this post on Facebook because it popped up on my time line and i figured I would share it here with my fellow counterparts on the net.

Here is the post!

Good Morning everyone!

Well! It looks like Trump has become our new Master in chief! Not to worry though as time progresses  we shall see if he will do what he said he would do.

Remember talk is cheap action is better!

Although I lost my enthusiasm for Politics a long time ago allow me to tell you what I think will be happening for the next 4 years.

What I see is 4 years of fighting, protesting both in the Republican Party and out in the streets. Including the Democrat…

A Letter to My Brother

Well its raining outside and the weather is finally starting to cool as October continues to lead to November. At this time I'm at work and as you know when you are usually at work we tend to work as well as daydream and think about things.

Its crazy to see how much time we spend thinking about the events and things going on in our personal lives rather than work.

For most of us (myself included) we begin to think about our families and problems we need to take care of. Some problems can be taken care of immediately while others take time after frustrating time.

One of those frustrations has to do with you my younger brother. The man who thinks has totally disrespected his older brother because of something his Wife did to me. I never thought i would see the day that you would turn your back on me. Your older brother the man that took care of you, fed you and changed your dirty diapers. I did those things at a young age to help our Mother.

Yet you went and thought you could go ove…

Sleep apnea, The Dangerous Killer No One Expects!

I never heard of this issue called Sleep Apnea a few years ago when I was a lot more younger and Virile.
I have seen people snore my Dad snores and I have seen a few uncles who did as well. But it never occurred to me that something as simple as snoring can be really bad for anyone to have.
I have this uncle who snored like a monster and times he would stop breathing while sleeping and I would hear the air pushing hard to get out to a point that it would wake him up from a deep sleep.
I never really paid much attention to Sleep Apnea until several years ago when I got diagnosed. I did not notice that I had Sleep Apnea until I married my now Wife. 
She would constantly complain about how loud my snoring was and at times on how i would stop breathing. 
She would plead with me to get checked for that.
Of course being as stubborn as I am I did not go until she one day recorded me without knowing. I was with my baby daughter sitting down while she laid on the chest. I remember seeing how my head …