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Before You Slam Your iPhone into the Wall, Here is One Secret Way to Unfreeze it!

So now you have gone ahead and bought your own iPhone and are ready to dive into the realm of  technology that is called the Smart Phone! These little devices can basically do everything you need and keep you connected to everyone and everything.

But like all things in Technology there may also be some negatives. Not really bad problems just enough to be more of an annoyance than everything else and iPhones are no better as they have their share of problems although you dont really hear much about them.

These iPhones have become extremely popular because of the so many features it comes with. Its stylish so people are attracted to the iPhones design. Not only that that ease of using the phone is a major reason why everyone has one or wants one.

I myself have one of my own and i have to admit the device is very addicting! It keeps all of my emails from various accounts together as well as my Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram etc all in one device. All I do is basically tap the i…
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The Immense Power Of A Smile!

The Immense Power Of A Smile God has give us the power to change a negative into a positive. He has provided us with the ability to bring happiness to a depressive day. What is that power that I’m talking about? That power my friends is a SMILE! The power of a smile can change everything and everyone at that moment. Living in a world full of angry and unhappy people its a good feeling when a person can smile. A smile can brighten the world A smile can bring sunshine to a world of darkness A smile can catch the eye of that beautiful woman you trying to meet. A smile can turn a negative moment into a positive. A smile can even add more time to your life. A smile is infectious as others will smile back at you when you smile at them. A smile can bring warmth and closeness between a man and a woman. A smile can remind you of those times when you were at your happiest. All it takes is a smile to change things at that moment for the better! People will tend to treat you differently as their guards wil…

Wanted: Looking for Fantastic Blogs to Read!

Now that I got this blog up and everything is running exactly the way I wanted to I figured it was time for me to look out into the the great vastness of Google Blogger and see who is out there. I want to network with other like minded bloggers, so if you got a fantastic blog to read please feel free to drop a comment with your name and blog link and I promise i will check it out and read about your ideas and opinions.

Why am I doing a meet and greet? 

Well its a really simple ansswer and that is because as Bloggers its just not enough to drop a fabulous post and just leave it there hanging in the wind hoping some one see its and reads it. Only to find out that no one sees it and you get discouraged or worse yet shut down your blog because you feel you are not a good enough writer.

To that I say NONSENSE!

The reason why many Bloggers fail their blog is because they are not using this Social Media for what it is. Social Media is for socializing! Plain and simple! Getting likes on Facebo…

Why Your Emails Are Not Your Own! Tales of an IT Guy

With so much Technology everywhere we tend to forget where we are as well as what or whose equipment we are using to solve that users issue at that time. Working in the Corporate world of IT you see it all the time! People acting as if they are at home doing things that they should keep at home.

For example, did you know that if you write and send personal emails through your company's Outlook that it becomes their property? That means that if you use your computer to chat, email and even send photos to family member and friends they can keep that information for themselves to do as they see fit.

Which is why its always important that if you have an external email address like Gmail. Because when you have an external email address in order to access it you will need to go on the Internet and sign into their page rather than use your company's email servers. When you use a service like GMail you will avoid having to email anyone through your corporations email servers and inst…

Progression is the Spice of Life! Live It!

Progression is the Spice of Life!

There are events in our lives when we all of a sudden come to a Stop. A Stop long enough for you to look around and see where in life you are right now.

For some people when this moment comes they realize how far they have come in their lives. As they turn to look back at the path you made and all of the old ideas, opinions and even people are thrown in the street like objects. They fall off like pieces of old dry skin.

As you progress in life you are reborn again as you continue and do things in your life that invites change.

Change keeps you young and healthy as it makes you move.

Unfortunately for the rest of those people out there their lives are the same. Going through the same shit day in and day out never really progressing rather they are stagnating. Rotting away little by little.

Life is not good when you could only live your life like that. Nothing good comes from it.

God gave you the ability to progress. Even Humanity has progressed, if it did not…

One Really Stupid Reason on Why CareerBuilder Suspended My Account.

Last Saturday I woke up early and decided to send out some Resumes being that we are moving to another state soon I figured it would be a great idea to spend most of the day doing that. So I turned on my Laptop and got myself a cup of coffee and an egg sandwich. Plopped my fat ass down and waited while my Laptop was loading.

Finally after a few minutes I go on the internet and off to the races I went! First I started at which is a great job directory to use when you are looking for work. Another one I tend to use quite a bit is which is another great place to look for job openings. Indeed is more like a search engine in that it will remind you of Google. Write the key word on the search bar and it will show you what you are looking for. A great place for job hunting.

Then I saw a Commercial!

But then I noticed a commercial on TV about CareerBuilder. Of the course the commercial reminded me that I have an account with them since the mid 90’s and they also have a g…

6 Interesting Things You Can Use To Build A Good Personality.

Listen up people! What are you doing right now? Are you in your house doing nothing in bed watching crap shows on TV and wondering why your life sucks? Got a fancy cell phone and no one is calling or texting you? Why is that? I’m sure you know some people you like to hang with? But why aren’t they calling you? Could it be? That something is wrong if you? Could be that you are giving out a depressive vibe that make people run away from you? Could it be that your personality have something to do with it? Believe it or not your personality has a lot to do with how you come across to people whether they are friends or strangers. People are not attracted to people who have no personality who give out either a bad vibe or a depressive vibe. So why not start investing yourself into a good personality? Ever notice how certain people who are always positive seem attract others to them. Ever notice how a room lightens up when a person you know has a positive outlook in life and then becomes th…