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The One Crazy Reason Why Beautiful Women Sign Up To Dating Websites

I at times tend to get emails from dating sites like OKCupid, Hi5 and the like. These emails always have the subject that a girl checked out your picture and wants to talk to you. So being curious i go ahead and see what women are checking out my site. The one thing I noticed that a lot of those women were extremely pretty and of course scantily clad. I began to think why are all these pretty women signed up in a dating site? You cannot expect me to believe that these women are having issues in finding men? Why do they do that? I’m sure that they do not have to be looking for love in a dating site when all they have to do is walk outside and men will quickly give her the attention she is looking for. I’m sure her Iphone be blowing up with calls from men who want to fuck her. Hmmm its funny! Could it be that they are really looking for a good man? Could it be that they are looking for a real man to take care of them? Nah! I think the real reason is because they crave more attention! Tha…
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Is Your Bluetooth On? Then You Need To Read This?

Technology these days has transformed the world in just a few years. The realization of the Smart Phone has made the average person access any type of information at any time they want. They could be waiting for the bus, at the coffee shop and now even in their cars thee smart phones can quite a bit with just a touch of the screen. 5 simple steps to keep your Smartphone safe! Although Technology is a great thing for everyone to use it is also a double edge sword in that many people are so careless with their smartphones. They walk around with their whole lives on their phones! Pictures, Credit Card numbers, contact lists people carry everything on their phones. And yet you see them every day at the restaurants, in the stores they just place the phone on a table rather than putting it away in their pocket. Sometimes some people forget and leave their phones behind and by the time they realize that they do not have their phone and come back to get it, it is gone! All of your information…

Learned Helplessness: How To Overcome And Be A Better Person!

We live in fantastic times where the common man can have access to millions upon millions of bits of information. Information that can help any man or woman to rise above mediocrity and ignorance. The two things that invade this world consistently and something that has been hard to keep down. The obstacles that were in the way years ago are no longer in the way and will no longer hinder anyone from achieving or learning anything they want. The Internet becomes the game changer during this time as it exploded into the scene seemingly out of nowhere. Now everyone has access to any information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year. Now that the Internet has come out you can use the internet to learn and research anything you need to answer to at that time and at that moment! There is really no reason for anyone to fall behind as everyone has access to information. From the President Of The United States to a homeless person on the street can have access to any informat…

How to Get One Job and Three Months Later Get Another Job

Job Hunting is tough! especially if you do not know what you are doing. So here I will list what I did to go from one job and three months later was able to get another one.

Here is the secret receipe:

1. Get your Resume
2. Upload your Resume to Google Documents
3. Go to the Job Boards and set up an account
4. Set up new Job Posting Reminders
5. Use your personal Email Adress
6. Set up your Smart Phone to recieve new Job Postings
7. Send your Resume's out everyday! (VERY IMPORTANT)

Why Having a Fixed Mindset Can Prevent You from Being Successful

We live in a world that is getting harder and harder to get by every day. You see it everywhere as life is little by little getting out of reach for many. Some have given up and thrown their hands in the air asking for help. Others have turned to violence to get their anger out! Unfortunately no one is coming to lend a helping hand as its every man for himself. It’s sad to see how life has degraded somewhat to a degree that has hurt many people. Why do you suppose that is happening to so many hard working people these days? I mean they follow their leaders and believe everything they say without question or complaint. They all nod their heads accordingly as their leaders give out their usual “Bread and Circuses” only to go home and realize that what they are telling you are lies but yet you choose to follow them. You buy a big house that you can barely afford and drive fancy cars just so you too can look rich! But yet you barely also have enough money to pay for the super unleaded ga…

The Illusion Of The American Dream! Can it still be achieved?

The illusion of the American dream is just that an illusion. There is no such thing happening these days. Why? Just look around! The economy is fucked up and yet we continue to bail corporations and continue to fight foreign wars which benefits no one except for a small group of people. Back then the American dream was real! It was something for a person to aspire to. Unfortunately we have allowed the politicians and corporations to slowly erode away what we call the American dream. Back then everyone could aspire to be someone with hard work and perseverance now it’s just a joke. Learn and fond out how money works. Find out how these bankers make money from using your money. Below i have attached a little video on how the illusion of the American dream is only a term used for the bankers and not you! The Illusion of the American dream. Please comment below and lets exchange ideas!

Sometimes I Pretend I'm Doctor Frankenstein!

There was a storm that day. The rain coming down by the droves. The flash of lightining and thundered flickered the lights on and off. As I prepare my specimen to recieve life and be reborn again into this world. A specimen that most have forgotten and left for dead.

For most people the specimen is useless to the average eye but not mine. In that specimen I see opportunity a chance to play God yet again and prove those naysayers wrong!

I place the specimen on the table and pull out my tools of trade, my tools of life! I slowly cut and remove the parts and move them out of the way, carefully, very carfully removing the arteries and vains out of the way. I slowly begin to remove the Brain!

Yes its a Brain transplant!

I grab my tools and begin prying the Brain from its case and disconnect the Spine. I slowly take the dmamged Brain while thunder and lightning flashes and booms! Like a Mad Scientist I talke to myself, telling how good this is going to be.

I grab the other Brain that is re…

Wanted: Looking for Fantastic Blogs to Read!

Now that I got this blog up and everything is running exactly the way I wanted to I figured it was time for me to look out into the the great vastness of Google Blogger and see who is out there. I want to network with other like minded bloggers, so if you got a fantastic blog to read please feel free to drop a comment with your name and blog link and I promise i will check it out and read about your ideas and opinions.

Why am I doing a meet and greet? 

Well its a really simple ansswer and that is because as Bloggers its just not enough to drop a fabulous post and just leave it there hanging in the wind hoping some one see its and reads it. Only to find out that no one sees it and you get discouraged or worse yet shut down your blog because you feel you are not a good enough writer.

To that I say NONSENSE!

The reason why many Bloggers fail their blog is because they are not using this Social Media for what it is. Social Media is for socializing! Plain and simple! Getting likes on Facebo…

The 4 Revelations to Living a Happy Life.

We all hear about that word "Happy" all the time from other people and then we ask ourselves how can I be happy like they are. What are they doing that it seems that happiness just oozes out of them like a cream filled cake.

I have been on that search for true happiness for a long time and at times I have gotten close but I lose it again and again. Always trying to figure out how and why I cant hold on to it. What is it that makes being happy so elusive.

After many years of grabbing then losing happiness I came to a conslusion that maybe you are not supposed to be happy all the time although the feeling is good but maybe life has equipped us to experience life's triumphance (is that a word?) and its sadness. Much like the peaks and valleys of mountian ranges our lives follow the same trajectory.

Its hard to admit that because you see it everywhere being promoted to you day and night through every TV show, Blog, Magazine and the like. Could it be that maybe we are lookin…

The Road To Mediocrity Is Paved In Gold!

As I get older I begin to realize that the world is not such a place of wonderment and joyful fun like modern society tends to portray all around us every day. To me I can see through the fa├žade that people call modern civilization and see the darkness behind it and it makes me worry about the state of it. And yet people go about their business blissfully unaware of the monster that is waiting to come out from behind the curtain! People are reacting negatively to all of the constant distractions and focus on things that are irrelevant to us. I see the world heading down a very dark road a road that will lead to our demise or better yet that will lead to us to hit the reset button.  Why do I say this because I see it everyday when I help people. And no matter how many times I teach them how to fish they still don’t get it or are lazy to feed themselves and want someone else to do the heavy lifting! So I spend my time solving other people’s issues while my personal life is going on the…