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3 Sad Reasons Why You Don't Have A Life!

Sometimes we spend our days hating on our lives. We wonder why we are so unhappy and how come good things have not come your way?

You watch some people you think are successful and notice how every thing is so perfect and clean. Then you look at yourself and realize how much or worthless your life is.

Stop it right there!

Change your view of your life! You want those things in your life that make you happy? You want that side hustle you always wanted to do but never quite got to it.

I'm going to tell you below.

Can I tell you that there are forces conspiring against you. Conspiring into keeping you in the same cage as everyone else. Do you know what that cage is? It's called the average life. Yes what you live through everyday is the cage called Average.

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A cage where all of us live the same way. Have the same jobs, drive the same cars, live in the same houses and even worse have others tell you how you should live your life!

Why? Because In other words you are being an adult and yet you are still being treated like a child!

No wonder people walk around tired and with out hope!

No wonder people snap and go on a self destructive rage, that not only hurt themselves but they also hurt those they love and hurt those who are innocent. 

This very lifestyle that we call western civilization has not only made us angry and with out hope but it has spawn these 3 forces internally that has been creating havoc in your life and yet you have no clue!

Why can't I better myself, my life and family? Why can't I build my own business or side hustle? Why can't I push myself or find that motivation I need to build it.

These 3 forces that we all carry have prevented many smart and intelligent people to living the life that they always wanted to live!

They say the Graveyard is littered with ideas! Ideas that never got off the ground and died with the person who created the idea! 

Don't wait till it's too late! Realize that we have a short life and that what we have to do today can't wait for tomorrow. 

Especially if you want to be your own man!

Let's talk about the 3 sad Reasons on why you don't have a Life

  1. Fear:
The ultimate emotion! This little beauty has stopped as well as killed the most well intentioned men or women. Fear can prevent you from moving on the right direction to live a better a life. 

Can you totally eradicate fear? 

No you cannot totally get rid of fear. But that does not mean that you have an excuse to just sit there and do nothing. Fear can be managed to a point that it can help you succeed when used as an engine to push you in the direction you want to go.

Don't be afraid and grab that Fear by the throats and choke it!! 
Break its will so you can manage it. 

Learn to ignore your fear to put it to the side and go for what success you want in your life.

  1. Laziness:
Laziness the feeling we have been conditioned to since everything is done for us these days. Laziness is like a vampire in which it will suck your energy and vitality away from you making you feel like a big piece of shit!

Laziness like fear is hard to control. Most of the time I have to force myself to fight against my laziness. Sometimes it's for the easiest things. I know there have been times when I feel my body feel heavier. Even turn my emotions into anger in an instant! 

Laziness if not constantly being watched can undermine you and make you blind as life slowly passes by you. You will see your friends and relatives ( even those losers) pass you by while you sit and stagnate. 

By the time you wake up from that comfortable sleep it will be too late to get your life back on track as you have gone way off your course. 

You can get back but it will take time, toughness and grit from your part. Many try to get back but few actually make it. So to avoid this issue keep your laziness in check. Do not allow it to run a mock in your life.

  1. Ignorance:
The last but not least of these reasons that can take you for a ride. Believing that living a life that others told you to live without question. You work and toil everyday and it seems to be harder and harder for you to make ends meet. To go take some time off without falling behind on bills. Ignorance keeps you busy working a job because all your life you have been told that this is the only route! 

Ignorance have made people slaves without them knowing. To many it has taken them to their graves because they never questioned those ideas and opinions  that others have ingrained in you. 

Because of ignorance is why this country is tearing itself at the seams. Where a free people elected a loud mouthed clown for President. Where people would rather shift  blame on others because their lives are not going the way they wanted. Rather than looking at themselves and realizing that they are the problem.

Ignorance makes a man believe that he or she is not God! They say that God made you in his image! If that's the case then that makes us God of our own lives. Yet we choose and give our lives to total strangers who do not have your best interest at heart.

In the end if you want to live a successful life then take control of these 3 reasons and find the life you wanted. Mind you I said "Control" not eradicate. You cannot eradicate these 3 reasons because they are a part of who you are. But you can control them or push them aside so you can continue in your life of progress and happiness.

Conquer those Demons!