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Destroying Statues Will Never Fix What Happened in the Past

As we all know the fiasco of what happened in Charlottesville has surprised and angered many people from many social groups.

I watched the whole thing as it degraded itself into an act of savagery and anger. People pushing, fighting and spitting at one another made me realize how easily humanity can unfurl itself and reveal the chaos underneath.

They say the reason this happened was because of a removal of a Confederate statue of a known Confederate leader. This is what they say has caused this embarrassing act to happen. In reality though there were many other motivations at play that pushed these people and event to end up the way it did.

But for now I would like to stick to why people have this fascination of removing statues they feel offended about? Most statues there are of historical people who changed the world in one aspect or another. My view tends to be that those statues are there as a way for people not to forget what happened. A way to look at and know what the statue represented the person and or event.

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Destroying statues of dead people will not ever solve or take away the negativity of that part of history. No country's history is always good. As long as man is involved our history will be a mixture of both good and bad events which form a country to what it is today.

Destroying statues from what I have read from history is just another step to replace the old guard and allow the new one to take over. 

The funny thing is that the new guard is the same as the old guard as it's goal is to control the masses.

First it was a flag, now it's statues and soon history books and it goes on and on. But why is this happening? Why are people so adamant to be labeled as the far left and far right. Why are people ready to destroy their own country, like a virus slowly destroying and killing the human body.

Are we bored? Are we tired of not having real leaders that are not worth following? Have we allowed loud mouth idiots to make waves of our relatively calm existence? 

I don't know about you but the road we are going down is looking scary. As it is the road to destruction! Cultural Marxists are everywhere even in White Nationalist groups playing their game on pinning one group to another. And from the looks of it they even even poisoned the minds of the young people into believing the cultural marxists theory being taught in schools, media and even college.

We have allowed ourselves to become so confused that we applaud a man who was a Olympic Champion at one time, turn himself into a Woman! It's like people are becoming crazy, not being able to make the right choices for themselves and country.

They say that America is transforming! My view is transforming into what? Is it transforming into a Utopia or is it transforming itself into a country of idiots, racists, opportunists and victims. I all for change but it seems that the change that is happening is not for the better but more for control of your mind.

The mind is the most powerful and natural weapon can have. Yet we allow it to rot rather than to exercise it. Instead we work out our bodies since it's so easy. 

We have to stop being separate and come together. Question everything anyone says about whatever. Read and read often! Don't follow blindly those people who are making the most noise because they are blind themselves and only want to control you. 

Think! Will a statue really offend you? I bet you before all this shit that has been happening you never gave the statue you walk by your job a second thought. Now you find yourself stopping and seeing who the person in the statue is. 

I know I do!

White People let me talk to you for a bit. This fear that you have about being left behind or whatever is not worth thinking about. No one is going to take your job or make you homeless. It's not the minority groups that are instilling this fear in you because they are doing the same to us that make you want to hate. It is not us! 

The ones stroking yo our fears as well as other social groups comes from higher up. Have you ever thought that all of this could have been done on purpose? That it's a ploy to keep you separate from each other a distraction from the real truth? That truth is for the elites to destroy freedom and to take your rights!

Destroying statues will never make Slavery disappear. Hell we are already Slaves now! And when I mean "we" I mean White People as well. How? We have been conditioned since children to believe propaganda, to train you to become a worker rather than an independent thinker. To slave away 40 hours a week for a measly check and health coverage that don't cover shit! And here you are complaining how being White, Black, Asian  is rough! 


Life only promotes those who take the initiative to become better producers rather than mindless consumers. Learning does not end when you finish schooling. It will continue forth until the day you pass. 

Stop allowing all those ridiculous social groups continue to fill bullshit into your head and take the time to research and read what you find. 

Think for yourself!