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The One Important Thing You Should Do Before Interviewing!


You made it through College and now you are ready to make your mark in the world!

But before you do you will need to do this one important thing before you become a White Collar Man or Woman.

Go to your closet right now! 

At your closet? 

Good now tell me what you see hanging on those hangers? Do you have any Corporate clothes you can wear for job interviewing? What about it shoes?

You don't? 

Then may I say that it's time to change your wardrobe and add to your collection of Sportswear and setup a section for Corporate wear. 

Yes folks you will need to go out and buy some New clothes for work. 

What types of clothes? Well if you are going to go on interviews you will need to get your self a suit (if you can) if not you can buy your self some collared shirts and slacks  to get you through.

Types of shirts you should get are button down shirts preferably long sleeve in classic white or blue. No wild patterns that look too sporty or wild colors that make you look more like a pimp than a Candidate. 

Slacks should be black as with that color it tends to match great with White or Blue.

You should always have a set of ties that you can use. Nice ties that you can match with your collared shirts. 

How many shirts and slacks you should have depends. For me I started with six shirts and slacks. The color of the shirts varied from Classic White to Blue. 

Like that I can mix and match when I need to and if you have not done laundry at least you will have an extra shirt at the ready.

Now with socks! Please do not come to work wearing White Tube Socks! It's not cool and will make you look stupid! Please invest in some dress socks that fit the outfit well. 

Also sneakers are not allowed in the corporate environment. Even on casual Fridays, which I will talk about in another post. It's important that you have at least two pairs of shoes to use. Black or Brown shoes are good with laces and or slip ons are preferred. 

I'm sure your thinking that all of this is going to put a dent in my pocket! In reality it won't if you look for stores that offer these type of clothes at low prices. Yes low prices and not only that they are name brand as well! 

The stores you should go to if you have one near you are Burlington Coat Factory, Century 21, Marshalls, Steinmart and the like. 

There are always Sales going on so you should be able to stretch your dollar long! 

I buy from those places all the time and so should you.

Oh! One more thing make sure the clothes you buy fit you well. Also PLEASE! Buy a belt to hold those pants up.

This concludes this post! If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and let me know.