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To Have a Successful Career you will need the right College Degree.

These days young people are ready  and eager to start their Adult lives. It's a great time full of wonder and excitement of what their future will hold.

But before you go out and commit 4 years to get a degree have you really done your research? 

By that I mean have you searched what jobs are in demand these days? 

Far too many young people jump off the cliff hoping to land in some water and instead hit the rocks because the career they chose is not in demand.

I know many people who have a degree in whatever under the sun and yet in the White Collar Man world most are just lowly cubicle dwellers and are only there because they need to survive.

These people do the same thing day in and day out totally unhappy with their choice. 

We cannot blame them for their poor choice only because we did not prepare them to see College and University as an investment. Instead we tell them that they should go to school to find themselves. As if you need to spend thousands of dollars a year for that.

If you need to find yourself then go to Barnes and Nobles and go to the "Self" section. It's cheaper and quicker than going to school.

You hear many people these days shouting loud that you should not waste your time going to School. I don't blame them only because students like your self will be racking up debt and you have not even started your career.

Worse yet in a career that is saturated with workers and too little job openings.

Not a wise choice! It will get harder especially when you have a degree that will not help you get the right job your studied for.

When it comes to higher education it's better to choose with your head and not your heart. Impulsive choices cost a lot of money and once you sign that dotted line that debt is yours forever.

Realize that the more in demand is a field the easier it will be to find jobs that pay well with good benefits and a lot less competition.

Stay away from easy fields that do not require Math or Science.

So go ahead and open up Google and check for yourself. Stop thinking that those in authority care about your well being because they do not!

Take charge of your life and start looking out for you! Because no one will. 

Find a well paying field and study it. Even if you don't like it. It's a job anyway so your not supposed to like it. If you want to do something you love then do it on your off time or better yet start your own business.

Being a White Collar Man and Woman sometimes require us to critically think about your future and plan out your assault before you show up to play in the Corporate world.

Good Luck my friend!


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