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When Those You Love Turn Out to be the Enemy.

The other day it was 10:00 pm when all of a sudden my wife got a text from my Sister-in-Law. Figuring something might have happened since her Husband my brother was away serving his country
I'm thinking she needed help.

Nah! It was the opposite! 

All of a sudden as the texts rolled in from her. My wife got upset because those texts were reprimanding me and my wife. Saying that We are there to put a division between her and my brother. 

In reality I really don't give a shit! 

What benefit is there for me to try to separate you and my brother? There is no benefit for me at all so why would we waste our time doing something so stupid.

I have been nothing but trying to be in their life. If they needed help or what ever I would extend my hand out to help. But they are so secretive!

Me and my wife have tried many times to invite them out to eat. They don't even have to pay!! But every time we would get the same excuse for them not coming.

Not only that when I was in NY and would find out they were up there I would call them and asked them to come over. Sometimes they would have been in NY and not a phone call or a visit. This has been going on for years. 

I ignored it thinking maybe they are just busy. But I the back of my mind it felt that they were doing it on purpose. 

I ignored it and lied to myself until I moved down here and noticed them doing the same thing again. 

Recently we went to their house to drop off a gift for my niece. We came by after texting her to let her know we were coming. She agreed that we can come over. When we got there she treated us coldly. 

She did not offer for us to sit!

This pissed me off because I would never do that to anybody. She claims because she had a headache. Then why was she hiding in the Kitchen when we came over. I felt like a total stranger, a worthless piece of shit! 

I remember telling my Wife that I will never go to that house ever again! 

I could have reprimanded her there but felt it would be better to confront my Brother about this. During this time we my brother and I were texting almost everyday. 

After that little tiff he stopped texting me. I guess he did not like that I said something to him about his Wife. 

Then that same day later on I guess he wanted to confront me but changed his mind. 

I know this game very well as I have seen it and have played it. She probably told him some backward shit and filled his mind with nonsense. I think he backed off because she told him to back off. It's ok he should have spoken his mind as I would have done the same thing.

After that insult that night with the text my wife texted her back with the same poison she gave us. While I waited for my brother to text me for a argument he instead chose to do nothing. 

I was so angry with them that I wanted him to call me and talk shit! Because I was going to ream him a new asshole.

I used to believe that your family will never turn their back on you. But the sad truth is that family is the worst and the first ones to throw you under the bus. I guess we are in this world alone. 

My heart ached because of the anger and pain that cunt caused me. From that day on I stopped talking to him. I was expecting him to block me from Facebook but he and she have not. Maybe they think I'm going to air shot on Facebook. 

I'm not going to. Because they want that. I'm going to be the better man and move on from this. It pains me that they did this to me as all I wanted was to be closer to them now and not like before. I wanted to get to know them since I don't know them because my sister-in-law drove a wedge between me and my brother.

It looks like that idea is just not going to happen any time soon. 

It's been about week since that event and he has not spoken to me about it nor have I spoken to him. Is he choosing to stay back from this or waiting for the right moment to strike. 

Don't know it can go either way. I'm ready for his strike because I have mine ready for him. Maybe nothing will happen. 

It does not matter my life continues on with or without them. I carry enough luggage already and don't need any more. No need for more added stress.

From now on I'm doing what i always did and that is moving on

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