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Sleep apnea, The Dangerous Killer No One Expects!

I never heard of this issue called Sleep Apnea a few years ago when I was a lot more younger and

I have seen people snore my Dad snores and I have seen a few uncles who did as well. But it never occurred to me that something as simple as snoring can be really bad for anyone to have.

I have this uncle who snored like a monster and times he would stop breathing while sleeping and I would hear the air pushing hard to get out to a point that it would wake him up from a deep sleep.

I never really paid much attention to Sleep Apnea until several years ago when I got diagnosed. I did not notice that I had Sleep Apnea until I married my now Wife. 

She would constantly complain about how loud my snoring was and at times on how i would stop breathing. 

She would plead with me to get checked for that.

Of course being as stubborn as I am I did not go until she one day recorded me without knowing. I was with my baby daughter sitting down while she laid on the chest. I remember seeing how my head would nod back and forth until I fell asleep. 

How I would wake up and doze off and wake up again. Mind you in my mind I did not feel anything as if I was doing that. In my mind i still felt  alert and awake. 

In reality I was not! I was so tired and would wake up constantly at night never really getting a decent nights sleep. 

As time passed It got worse and not only was I falling asleep at home, I was falling asleep at work! Thankfully there were people there who would tap on my cubicle wall to wake me up!

It was embarrassing!

One time I was in the middle of typing up an email when I feel asleep! Yes i fell asleep and when I'm woke up it's a half hour later and when I looked at my screen I had a million "R" rolling down the email. 

Sleep Apnea is no joke folks!

Not only that my wife kicked me out of our room because of my snoring. It was like that for 3 months before I gave in and accepted that I had a problem. My wife then proceeded to call a Doctor to check me and when he did he agreed that I had Sleep Apnea.

I asked him why did this happen to me? He told me that a lot of people suffer from Sleep Apnea. Most people develop it through being overweight. Unfortunately I'm overweight which is the reason why I developed it.

Don't think that Sleep Apnea attacks only those people who are overweight as there are many healthy people who have it as well.

If you feel as if you have Sleep Apnea please get checked for it!


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