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The Road To Mediocrity Is Paved In Gold!
As I get older I begin to realize that the world is not such a place of wonderment and joyful fun like modern society tends to portray all around us every day. To me I can see through the fa├žade that people call modern civilization and see the darkness behind it and it makes me worry about the state of it. And yet people go about their business blissfully unaware of the monster that is waiting to come out from behind the curtain!
People are reacting negatively to all of the constant distractions and focus on things that are irrelevant to us. I see the world heading down a very dark road a road that will lead to our demise or better yet that will lead to us to hit the reset button.
 Why do I say this because I see it everyday when I help people. And no matter how many times I teach them how to fish they still don’t get it or are lazy to feed themselves and want someone else to do the heavy lifting! So I spend my time solving other people’s issues while my personal life is going on the way side! As I write this I’m supposed to be off of work but right now I find myself working or helpingout other people who are overwhelmed at work.
Is it bad for me to feel frustrated about this? To feel that no matter what I do the situation will not get better but worse? I do not only see it at work but I see it in modern society!
I have many sleepless nights wondering and going through the things I need to do the next day! I have to admit I’m one of those guys the Victor talks about in his blog! A cubicle slave!
I find myself dreading the morning and going to work knowing that there will probably be people coming to my desk looking for me, calling me or even emailing me! My Blackberry rings so much that I just shut off the rings and vibrations just to keep my sanity and help me from crashing my car into a divider!
At times I feel like the whole company is on my shoulders and I’m starting to feel its weight and my legs are about to give out. I see others not giving a care in the world coming in messing around and gossiping with their co-workers and here I’ am on the phone talking to a user while at the same time fixing another users laptop while at the same time fixing another users IPAD or IPHONE.
There are times that I just want to scream out loud at the world! If this was a War and I was a Soldier I would have fired several shots into the air out of anger! I just want to pick up the laptops and IPADS that are on my desk and throw them across the office space!
Why do I do this to myself? Why do I give a 100% percent every day when no one else gives a fuck?
I have to babysit grown adults and make sure that they do not fuck up! I thought since we are grown men that we do not have to babysit? Boy was I wrong! I know for me when I come in I get straight to work and know what I already need to do for the day, but I guess I’m giving these people too much benefit of the doubt.
This my Hell! This is what waits for you when you finish college! A world of mediocrity where your own sanity will be tested especially when you have a job like mine! It will make you believe that everyone is either lazy or stupid! It will make you believe that there is no more reason to help change the world because it does not want to be changed! Everyone is happy with their lot in life!
You can avoid this world of mediocrity, by going forth and doing your own thing. By that do indulge and put to work that idea that has been lingering in your head for a long time! Be your own man! Because in this world you are no longer a man but a slave who is constantly being watched by Human Resource workers.
If you value your freedom do not follow the path that many other people have passed myself included. Make your own path! Yes you will have the haters mocking you telling you that your idea is stupid! Ignore them as they are just as blind as the rest. You need to be like a Bulldozer and make your own path! Sure it will be hard work but where would you rather be? Stuck in a cubicle for 8 hours a day or working on your business on some beach right now! I don’t know about you but the latter seems like a better deal for me
It does not matter if you are a “Blue Collar” worker or a “White Collar” worker both are the same in that you become slaves to it!
There is nothing worth more in the entire world than a man working for himself! Working a job or career is the same shit your life is at the mercy of someone else and not yours. But yet many people including myself fell for the so called “Path to success”! You know which one I’m talking about? The one that you go to college and you can get any job you want! YEAH RIGHT!
So if you are looking for a successful life, a life worth living then you need to stay away from the road paved in Gold! Because it will lead you down the path to unhappiness. A life of mediocrity! Where everyone drives the same cars, live in the same houses and have 2.5 children. Where you are in debt up to your eyeballs and will never even have time for your family since you are cooped up at work all day.
Listen to those who have been there and decided to change their lives for the better and are now living the life they want to live! What man does not want that!
I know you are young and are just starting out to live your life! But you also have to be smart and set up your life for success now and not when you are older.
Make the right decision now! Don’t wait until you get my age and realize that it’s Bullshit!
Live your life make the most of it now and start doing your own thing.
Do it now you can thank me later!