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Why Spending Thousands On Certifications in the beginning is a Stupid Idea!
I work in the tech field and believe me when I tell you that there is not a day that goes by that I don’t get some email or a call trying to push their certification programs
There are tons of them out there!
They sell you on how with their certifications you can make six figures right off the bat!
Yeah right!
The way they make it seem like is a bit enticing for some one new looking for an edge. To get promoted quicker and get down the path to making money. What they do not tell you is that without actual experience those certifications will not give you the rate of return you were looking for.
Its simple! Recruiters still look for hands on experience. Don’t get me wrong having certifications is great but its not guaranteed that you will make a lot of money when you have no experience.
Take it from me! I have seen people with all types of certifications get skipped over by another guy because he had more actual work experience than the guy with the certifications.
I myself have hired have hired people because they have experience and not because of their certifications.
From an employer’s view they know that you having certifications on your resumes will not guarantee that you know what you are doing. Remember you are dealing with very expensive equipment! So they will be very careful on who they let near their equipment.
Which is why experience is very important.
Still you will hear people tell you on how you should have certifications and how they are an investment. Its bullshit! The only investment you should be working on is your mind.
Soaking in all the stuff you will learn from everyone and from actually working on the equipment. No certification can promise you that.
Time is the best teacher!
I have worked with extremely intelligent computer workers as well as certified workers and the ones that are not certified tend to know more than the certified user.

That may not be the case all of the time but it happens.

Why spend thousands of dollars on loans, just to get a piece of paper that says you played somewhat with their equipment. Even with that you are not guaranteed a job.
Certifications are not really needed and no one cares either. What they want are your skills and not that piece of paper. Save your money and go buy a house or new car.
Help stimulate the economy!
In order for that certification to make you money, First you need to get into the field. Work your butt off and learn everything you can.
Hands on training is always good.
In case you do still want to pursue certification may I express one thing.
Get your certifications when you have worked a few years in the tech field. Like that you can better understand what they are talking about and even pass the exam on the first try.
If you have no experience stay away from certifying until you have at least 2 or 3 years under your belt. Then If you want go ahead and certify. Its always good tonhave a little extra help.
Having the right skills matter al the time!

What do you think?