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Learned Helplessness: How To Overcome And Be A Better Person!
We live in fantastic times where the common man can have access to millions upon millions of bits of information. Information that can help any man or woman to rise above mediocrity and ignorance. The two things that invade this world consistently and something that has been hard to keep down.
The obstacles that were in the way years ago are no longer in the way and will no longer hinder anyone from achieving or learning anything they want.
The Internet becomes the game changer during this time as it exploded into the scene seemingly out of nowhere. Now everyone has access to any information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year. Now that the Internet has come out you can use the internet to learn and research anything you need to answer to at that time and at that moment! There is really no reason for anyone to fall behind as everyone has access to information. From the President Of The United States to a homeless person on the street can have access to any information they need.
Now that the Smart Phone has come out the access to information has become even more profound! You can be walking down the street and while doing that you are watching a video or reading a blog post in a blog.
I grew up in a time when computers were just a realm that Geeks were in and no one else because during that time Computers were still in their infancy. Looking back we have come a long way since then! I remember typing on my Commodore 64 trying to learn how to program in BASIC and now very person in the world can use a computer or some other technical device.
With all of these changes you would like to think that the world seemingly changed over night! At least at one time I thought that but in reality I found out that a lot of things stayed the same. People continued to do the same thing day in and day out everyday the monotonous life was something they knew. Still a lot of the same old ideas and opinions and to some people even the way we think is old even though Technology has made changes we still live in this way.
So much information at your fingertips and yet we still have others telling us what to do and what to believe. Something that with all this information being everywhere should be something you be doing yourself. We believe the guy in the suit on TV yapping about some bull crap and you take it as if its true? The Change Agents sound and look like they know what they are talking about when in reality the picture is a lot different. Instead of making our own decisions we tend to take another person view of the same problem.
Since the beginning we have been conditioned to be helpless. To depend on another person to provide us with seemingly everything in our lives. This learned helplessness can be seen everywhere as there are many different versions of learned helplessness just check out Wikipedia and you will see for yourself
I see a lot of this Learned Helplessness in the field I work in. I deal with countless users who call on the phone with problems they may be having with their computers. I understand that some issues may be hard to figure out but those problems tend to come once in a blue. The majority of the issues are simple issues which has been shown to them time and time again. Problems that can be solved with a quick search in Google.
The same problems constantly keep popping up day in and day out and then you notice that it is the same people emailing and calling to no end! After a while as any IT person can tell you it starts to become very frustrating having to repeat yourself every time! Some people learn after a few tries and that is a great thing at least for me anyway as its one less person who calls me. Unfortunately the majority of the people out there do not want to learn anything! They are content with giving away their control and have someone else deal with the problem rather than trying to learn it and even fix it on their own so they can break free from the chains that were put on them.
I could never understand why people would not want to learn anything new that can benefit them in the long run. Could it be that we have gotten so used to having strangers taking care of our thinking, judging etc that its much easier to use that Learned Helplessness?? So if we make a mistake we can point to the other person rather than us?
I remember a few days ago when I got call from a frantic user who was an Office Administrator. She was working on some huge project for the Executives. Apparently the users computer got the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) and her computer died. So I went ahead and told her if she saved her work on a network folder which is a folder everyone has to keep their work in just in case things like this happen. Mind you we tell everyone every day to not leave their important files and documents on their computer and place it on their network folders instead. Even if we rammed the shit down their throats they still will not learn!
When I told her that her document might be deleted i could hear her voice go up to a shreak!
“Did you put or save your document to your network folder?” I said
“WHAT? I’m not a computer person!” she said
“I understand that but your document might have been deleted once the computer went dead!” I said
“You you guys always do this shit! You can never fix anything!” She said loudly
So she went on and on while I basically ignored whatever she was saying because I don’t really care as we have told everyone many many times before save your work to your network folder! I just took off my headset and just let her run out of steam!
“What am I supposed to do now?” she said
“You guys are useless!” and slammed the phone.
Learned Helplessness and blaming another person for the mistake she made in the first place is just another day at the office! This is what I have to deal with everyday! And as time passes quickly into the future this learned helplessness becomes more and more apparent to me. Have we lost the ability to do things for ourselves? Have we lost the ability to survive if need be!
As more and more information becomes available to everyone the more ignorant people there are who choose to be ignorant of the things around them.
In a way it does scare me to think about that at times as we do not realize the problem we are creating ourselves. As Technology continues to infiltrate life at a fast pace there will be more Learned Helplessness going around. This is something the Corporations want as people become like addicts looking for their next fix and are willing to pay cash for it! Corporations know that a smart populace is not where the money is at. Because a person in the know can take that problem and find a solution and at times make the the solution work better than the solution that was made by a Corporation previously.
Although there are some enclaves where a thinking man is more than welcome to come and improve. That little section is called the Manosphere. Type that little moniker in Google and begin to check out the cool blogs out there. You owe it to yourself to become a better man and shake off the monster called ignorance ans join the growing ranks of enlightened men!