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One Really Stupid Reason on Why CareerBuilder Suspended My Account.
Last Saturday I woke up early and decided to send out some Resumes being that we are moving to another state soon I figured it would be a great idea to spend most of the day doing that. So I turned on my Laptop and got myself a cup of coffee and an egg sandwich. Plopped my fat ass down and waited while my Laptop was loading.

Finally after a few minutes I go on the internet and off to the races I went! First I started at which is a great job directory to use when you are looking for work. Another one I tend to use quite a bit is which is another great place to look for job openings. Indeed is more like a search engine in that it will remind you of Google. Write the key word on the search bar and it will show you what you are looking for. A great place for job hunting.

Then I saw a Commercial!

But then I noticed a commercial on TV about CareerBuilder. Of the course the commercial reminded me that I have an account with them since the mid 90’s and they also have a great product or so I thought. Curious I went ahead and went to CareerBuilder. When I got to their website I noticed that a lot has changed since then and the design is a bit pleasing and relaxed.

I decided to log into my old account which I did and made a few changes like uploaded my newly updated Resume and changed a few things here and there and after a few minutes I was ready!

Found a Great Feature:

I began with adding a keyword for a specific job I was looking for and it quickly gave me a bunch of listings to look through. I started with the first one on top and it went well then after I was done a small window appeared I called “Apply Easily” and noticed that I could send my Resume to that whole list either manually by clicking the blue button called “Apply” or by hitting the top button which will apply to all the similar jobs on the list.

Of course being the busy people that we are I figured I’d could kill two birds with one stone. So I hit the top button and off my Resume went to those companies eagerly awaiting my Resume! I went ahead and filled out another job listing the same little window opened and I send my Resume to other job listings similar to mine using their “Easy Apply” feature.

The Problem I Found with their “Easy Apply” feature:

After about an hour of filling out job listings I began to notice that some jobs kept popping up in the “Easy Apply” window. Usually that will be okay but then I noticed that the blue “Apply Button” was there for manually Apply for the listing. I found that strange that certain job listings kept popping up over and over again. Usually if you already applied the listing would go grey, the apply button would disappear or the job listing will no longer show on the list.

I’m a IT guy by trade and noticed this. I stopped and clicked on the blue Apply button manually and I was able to load my Resume even though I already uploaded it previously. I was like does CareerBuilder know about this? I mean this is a very big problem on their part if users can manipulate it. But then I thought that this could not be a problem because if it were they would be able or have fixed the issue. Not giving it a second thought I went ahead and continued sending my Resume out.

To be honest this “Easy Apply” feature got me hooked! I hate having to fill out company job software! I feel it’s a waste of time and why would you ask that if you already uploaded my Resume into your job bank. I should not be able to waste 20 to 30 minutes filling out information when the position is not offered to me. I’m only making contact with the HR dept. So when CareerBuilder had this “Easy Apply” feature I immediately got hooked!

It all went well and after a few hours it felt as if I made a considerable dent in my jobs b hunting that day. I checked my inbox and sure enough I had a lot people responding to my Resume. I had some interviews but nothing really panned out.

A few days went by and nothing. I was excited that finally I found a job site that gets it! I was even started thinking that CareerBuilder was better than!

Then yesterday I log back in to look at more job listings then something weird happened! When I logged in it told me that my account was suspended! At first I thought that maybe my Internet Browser was cooky so I went ahead and rebooted it. After I rebooted the Laptop and went back in and the same error appeared. This got me a bit angry and wondering why this was happening. I called their Customer Support and no one was at the office. But I did find an email address to contact them which I did and sent an email.

Trying to be slick!

Tried to be slick and see if I could change the password and of course I was blocked from Access.

Wondering what could be the issue and after thinking about it for a bit I just shook my head in disgust that maybe they blocked me from access because the Easy Apply feature allowed me to Spam the Job listings. How was I supposed to know what I filled out if the Blue Apply button were on many job listings. I did not think it would be a problem but apparently they thought it was. Don’t blame me because your feature was faulty! You should have done your homework before putting it out for the people to use.

That is what I think they blocked my access. They thought I was a Job Listing Spammer which is ridiculous! Why would I waste my time and my personal account and do something that stupid! They should have warnings that pop up when a user does something wrong. Don’t just suspend a users account and not tell them? I have been an account holder since the mid 90’s to only be treated like a criminal! I’m going to call them today and see what’s the deal! I have a feeling it’s about them thinking I was Spamming them.

In Conclusion:

Oh well! Shit happens! Not going to cry over this nonsense and just move on to other more better job websites! It looks like still holds the crown!!

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