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Progression is the Spice of Life! Live It!

Progression is the Spice of Life!

There are events in our lives when we all of a sudden come to a Stop. A Stop long enough for you to look around and see where in life you are right now.

For some people when this moment comes they realize how far they have come in their lives. As they turn to look back at the path you made and all of the old ideas, opinions and even people are thrown in the street like objects. They fall off like pieces of old dry skin.

As you progress in life you are reborn again as you continue and do things in your life that invites change.

Change keeps you young and healthy as it makes you move.

Unfortunately for the rest of those people out there their lives are the same. Going through the same shit day in and day out never really progressing rather they are stagnating. Rotting away little by little.

Life is not good when you could only live your life like that. Nothing good comes from it.

God gave you the ability to progress. Even Humanity has progressed, if it did not we would most likely not be here or worse still hanging from trees throwing poop at each other.

That is what happens when you do not progress. You do not grow or have really learned any life lessons what's so ever.

So if your tired of your life and are looking to change then do it. It's not hard usually that first thing you need to do to start progressing your life for the better is by taking the first step to that very thing you want.

Mind you it will be a slow process but eventually your life will get better. Sometimes you will need to change your whole view of things and even people.

Drop that luggage and keep walking down the path you want to take. That means letting go of the past and the negatives. The more you do this the faster you will progress in your life.

Forgive and forget and move on! Time is limited in this world, so don't wait till it's too late.

Start that business

Get that job you wanted

Buy that house
Go on that vacation

Anything! Start today! Stop wallowing in your misery wondering when it's going to be your turn! The opportunity to turn your life around for the better.

Waiting for the opportunity to come will never come. Don't believe that "Good things come to those who wait." saying is bullshit! The secret to changing your life is not a secret as a matter to fact YOU already know what it is!

But your so comfortable with what you know that doing something different scares the hell out of you.

The secret to progressing in life is to continue to move forward. Walk! Take the first step! Too many people from all walks of life just stay in their bubble. Never realizing who they could have been. Only when death is close is when we wished we had a second chance.

And last I heard death gives no one a second chance at life.

Write down the things you want in your life on a piece of paper. And keep it with you every where you go as a reminder of what you need to accomplish in your life.

They say that you are the master of your life. That you have the power to allow or not allow anything or anyone in it. To believe or not believe in things or people.

In the end it's really all up to you and not the person, the stranger outside.

I believe we all can change if we want. And if you don't want to change your life then stop fucking complaining and keep stagnating! No one cares or even feels sorry for you. To be honest I will certainly not feel sorry for you at all!

Why? Because you have the power to change! It's God given! Use it!


Just get out of the way and let those who want to progress get through.

In the end it's all up to you!