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Sometimes I Pretend I'm Doctor Frankenstein!
There was a storm that day. The rain coming down by the droves. The flash of lightining and thundered flickered the lights on and off. As I prepare my specimen to recieve life and be reborn again into this world. A specimen that most have forgotten and left for dead.

For most people the specimen is useless to the average eye but not mine. In that specimen I see opportunity a chance to play God yet again and prove those naysayers wrong!

I place the specimen on the table and pull out my tools of trade, my tools of life! I slowly cut and remove the parts and move them out of the way, carefully, very carfully removing the arteries and vains out of the way. I slowly begin to remove the Brain!

Yes its a Brain transplant!

I grab my tools and begin prying the Brain from its case and disconnect the Spine. I slowly take the dmamged Brain while thunder and lightning flashes and booms! Like a Mad Scientist I talke to myself, telling how good this is going to be.

I grab the other Brain that is readily prepared and I go and slowly place it back to its case. connecting all the parts that are essential to giving it life! I zapped it with electricity and it began to whir and spin and then the screen turns on! EUREKA!! It works!

That is what happens to me everytime I go and fix computers. The process is boring so to add some interest i tend to pretend that I'm Doctor Frankenstein building its Frankenstein. The power of bringing something back to life is gratifying and makes work much more pleasurable to me. You see just because your old does not mean that you cannot have an imagination!