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The 4 Revelations to Living a Happy Life.
We all hear about that word "Happy" all the time from other people and then we ask ourselves how can I be happy like they are. What are they doing that it seems that happiness just oozes out of them like a cream filled cake.

I have been on that search for true happiness for a long time and at times I have gotten close but I lose it again and again. Always trying to figure out how and why I cant hold on to it. What is it that makes being happy so elusive.

After many years of grabbing then losing happiness I came to a conslusion that maybe you are not supposed to be happy all the time although the feeling is good but maybe life has equipped us to experience life's triumphance (is that a word?) and its sadness. Much like the peaks and valleys of mountian ranges our lives follow the same trajectory.

Its hard to admit that because you see it everywhere being promoted to you day and night through every TV show, Blog, Magazine and the like. Could it be that maybe we are looking in the wrong place? Could it be that happiness is in front of us everyday that we just don't see in our lives?

I believe that happiness is in everyones lives in one form or another. I took the time to break down this wall and try to build the puzzle laying behind those walls. As I slowly started to figure out how it all worked I came  to finding 4 revelations.

First though I want you to understand that this will not be some sappy religious nonsense many of us tend to find when we look for happiness online. I'm not much of a religious person in so that I do believe in a higher being that has made us but that is as far as I go with that.

So in my process of looking for happiness I found 4 revelations that I think everyone has and they are:

1. Love
2. Kindness
3. Caring
4. Living

Of course we will start with the first one which the another elusive thing we all are looking for to have in ou lives.

Love: the most powerful feeling any Human wants and looks for. The feeling of love and being love makes you feel as if your are floating. It makes you feel alive and extremely sensitive to all that is around you. Many people want love so much in their lives but feel as if they don't have any in their lives at all. In reality though Love is all around us everyday.! There is love of family, Love of life, Love for your Spouse, Love of Self.

You see Love comes in may different forms and not just one form. Once I figured that out I began seeing Love everywhere and even you will act differently when you realize this as you will begin to see that Life is not as cold and negative as we like or been told to believe.

Love is everywhere we just need to be aware of it everywhere and not in the way society wants you to believe. Now mind you that does not mean that you will never feel let down when something or someone does not loe you back. Life is uncertain but like Life you just keep it moving and learn from that situation. No need to linger in self doubt, no need to linger in negativity as love is everywhere regardless what others may tell you.

Kindness: In our hearts we all have kindness living inside. We hold so tight to it so that others do not see us as weak. Showing kindness or being kind is not weakness but should be looked upon as a powerful weapon! When you show kindness people will let their guard down and allow you in. If you learn to use kindness to your benefit your world will open up and the light that was once gone will shine right in. Those negative Demons inside will vaporize once the light of kindness is in your heart.

Kindness is something that is missing int he world. With all the Wars going on in the world with anger flourishing and killing everything and everyone who allows it inside. We must stop that one person at a time. show kindness to others and with enough time you will affect a lot more people than you ever did before.

Caring: With Love and Kindness you will learn the feeling of caring. Yet another lost feeling in this insensitive world. Caring for yourself and others will help you in learning about your capacity of love and kindness. When you find out the enromous power of these three revelations your life will be better! no longer will negative events or issues be a part of your life. They will become more like an external thing rather than an actual or real problem. You will realize that your view of life will rise above those problems and the pettiness of people.

You are above that! You will become closer to being God and what he or she feels or felt. Love, Kindness and Caring will amke you appreciate life much more. To live with more emotion and fulfillment like some people you may know.

Living: When you put those three revelations above together then and only then will you begin to really live! Keep progressing and moving ahead more and more. When you treat people right no matter where doors will open. People will stop you in the street and even while waiting in line strangers will just start talking to you. I know because it happens to me all the time. its like you become a magnet a bright light in a dark room.

People will be drawn to you and you will be drawn to others as well. Your confidence will elevate positive things will happen in your life believe it or not. Its as if you have some higher being guiing you and protecting you everywhere you go.

Before i figured out these 4 revelations I was lost just like you are. I hated my life and everything in it. Everything in my life seemed dark and negative. But once I forgave myself for things beyond my control and accept these 4 revelations in my life I was able slowly but surely to change my life around and to even change my perception.

You see we all have a life that we can control. We control what we allow inside and that is the problem! We allow those external things to take hold of our feelings and emotions and when this happens we begin to rot inside, which is why we have to make our own way and view the world as we see it and not how everyone else sees it. Remember just becasue a large group of people believe in one thing it does not make it true.

This is what happiness is! You in the end have the key to your happiness and its not money or acquirement of toys or titles! Believe me you can have all those things and still not be happy. Happiness comes from the inside and from you deciding to allow happiness in. That is the only way to be!