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The Immense Power Of A Smile!
The Immense Power Of A Smile
God has give us the power to change a negative into a positive. He has provided us with the ability to bring happiness to a depressive day.
What is that power that I’m talking about?
That power my friends is a SMILE!
The power of a smile can change everything and everyone at that moment.
Living in a world full of angry and unhappy people its a good feeling when a person can smile.
A smile can brighten the world
A smile can bring sunshine to a world of darkness
A smile can catch the eye of that beautiful woman you trying to meet.
A smile can turn a negative moment into a positive.
A smile can even add more time to your life.
A smile is infectious as others will smile back at you when you smile at them.
A smile can bring warmth and closeness between a man and a woman.
A smile can remind you of those times when you were at your happiest.
All it takes is a smile to change things at that moment for the better! People will tend to treat you differently as their guards will be let down and doors of opportunities will open.
Life is short to be living a life full of anger and sadness! Why not go against the grain and not follow the herd? You do that by smiling by showing people that life is not as bad as we make it out to be and that tomorrow will be a different day!
You don’t need a smartphone or MSM to make you happy. You have that ability inside you to make things change by thinking differently and finding that gold piece in that dark cloud. Just by having a smile that gold piece will reveal itself to you.
When you smile you are changing the world for the better one small step at a time!
Don’t believe me?
Why not tomorrow when you are out and about take the time to say “Hello” or maybe a good morning with a smile and watch how that total stranger will light up and you will probably make his or her day that day.
That power you cannot buy anywhere!
We all have that power!
The power of a smile!
Smile my friend! Let the world feel your happiness and the world will respond in kind.
In conclusion, if you are feeling down and out and have the weight of the world on your shoulders why not think of something funny or a moment in your life that made you happy! And slowly that frown will change to smile!
A person who smiles has the capacity to attract others into their lives and bring happiness, all by the power of a smile!
Do you agree? Why not comment below and let us know!