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The One Crazy Reason Why Beautiful Women Sign Up To Dating Websites
I at times tend to get emails from dating sites like OKCupid, Hi5 and the like. These emails always have the subject that a girl checked out your picture and wants to talk to you.
So being curious i go ahead and see what women are checking out my site. The one thing I noticed that a lot of those women were extremely pretty and of course scantily clad.
I began to think why are all these pretty women signed up in a dating site? You cannot expect me to believe that these women are having issues in finding men?
Why do they do that?
I’m sure that they do not have to be looking for love in a dating site when all they have to do is walk outside and men will quickly give her the attention she is looking for. I’m sure her Iphone be blowing up with calls from men who want to fuck her.
Hmmm its funny! Could it be that they are really looking for a good man? Could it be that they are looking for a real man to take care of them?
I think the real reason is because they crave more attention! That’s right its not enough that they get all the attention from men wherever they go! They also want to stake their claim online as well.
This maybe the reason why many of these ads never really answer you back when you do decide to contact them. Crushing a man who is really looking for something meaningful only to find that she is looking for validation! For every email written by a man who took his time to think about what to write, her confidence and validation grows and grows with every email that hits her inbox.
Man have women become that Narcissistic that they need validation from men online as well? Look at the pictures of half dressed women in sexy poses inviting any man to contact her
Can a man find love in a dating site? Probably he can if he got game but even with game its not really a shoe in that she will contact you back. For her its all about ego stroking to make herself feel good about herself because she is damn superficial!
And of course these dating sites know this so they use the pictures of pretty women to lure men over to their site have them sign up and most likely waste their time is searching for that one!
I’m not saying that there might be some men who would be able to hook up with some chick in those sites but those are few and far between. Most of those sites are full of abandoned accounts of hope gone lost! Like old wrecked ships they lie, lifeless!
If you look at those commercials you will notice that they mostly have women talking about their experiences with a certain dating site and how she quickly got responses from men and the like. My question is why don’t they ask the man who has an account in the same site. I bet you will see a different side to the story all together.
Its validation fellas nothing more and nothing less! They want you to sweat them so that they can feel better about themselves because they are basing their lives on their looks not noticing that one day those young looks are going to fade away.
And then what?
Then they are going to the 50 and over dating site and try to find a man that is good for them!
Such is life Gentlemen! You want a woman? Talk to her and if she is wasting your time with bullshit then you will need to move on! A man must continue to pursue his goals first and foremost! Chasing skirts all day will just waste away your time you could have used to do something more positive!
What do you think? Do pretty women join these Dating Sites so that they can feel better about themselves when men begin to sweat them? Comment below and let me know!