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Wanted: Looking for Fantastic Blogs to Read!
Now that I got this blog up and everything is running exactly the way I wanted to I figured it was time for me to look out into the the great vastness of Google Blogger and see who is out there. I want to network with other like minded bloggers, so if you got a fantastic blog to read please feel free to drop a comment with your name and blog link and I promise i will check it out and read about your ideas and opinions.

Why am I doing a meet and greet? 

Well its a really simple ansswer and that is because as Bloggers its just not enough to drop a fabulous post and just leave it there hanging in the wind hoping some one see its and reads it. Only to find out that no one sees it and you get discouraged or worse yet shut down your blog because you feel you are not a good enough writer.

To that I say NONSENSE!

The reason why many Bloggers fail their blog is because they are not using this Social Media for what it is. Social Media is for socializing! Plain and simple! Getting likes on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat is not enough. You have to go out there and make your rounds and get to know your neighbor.

I know for me when I wanted to reach out to other Bloggers I would leave a comment on their post. Sometimes you might get an answer back but most of the time you dont. I quickly realized that this was becoming a one sided conversation. And the time it took to find other blogs just takes too much time.

Then one day I came across a Blog with a fascinating idea that I have never heard of! This guy Jason from a blog called "Harsh Reality" decided to do Meet and Greets on his blog where other bloggers can introduce themselves and their Blogs and talk about anything. All Bloggers are welcome and they can leave their Blog links in the comments.

I figured that I want to do the same here on this blog. I want you to leave your Blog Link, Name and tell us about yourself and that is it. Or better yet ask questions about Blogging or whatever! No question is a stupid question just drop a comment.

I'm also working to build a RSS feed aggregator that will show other Bloggers feeds which is still in works. I have made a make-shift one if you look at the bottom of my Blogs Landing Page you will see it. As of now I only have three but I do want to make this RSS into a content aggreagator where other blogs RSS feeds will show their latest and greatest articles.

As Bloggers we will need to network with each other and build creditablitly with one another. To get views on your work as well as comments! Think about it the more you do this the more back links you will have and the google spiders will find your blog and finally put you in their search engine.

Why sit in the dark? Waiting for something to happen? Why not reach out and leave your Blog link name and say "Hi!" Who knows who you might meet!

See you around!