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Why Having a Fixed Mindset Can Prevent You from Being Successful
We live in a world that is getting harder and harder to get by every day. You see it everywhere as life is little by little getting out of reach for many. Some have given up and thrown their hands in the air asking for help. Others have turned to violence to get their anger out! Unfortunately no one is coming to lend a helping hand as its every man for himself.
It’s sad to see how life has degraded somewhat to a degree that has hurt many people. Why do you suppose that is happening to so many hard working people these days?
I mean they follow their leaders and believe everything they say without question or complaint. They all nod their heads accordingly as their leaders give out their usual “Bread and Circuses” only to go home and realize that what they are telling you are lies but yet you choose to follow them.
You buy a big house that you can barely afford and drive fancy cars just so you too can look rich! But yet you barely also have enough money to pay for the super unleaded gas that fancy car takes.
The reason why you will never get out of the rat race is that you have a “Fixed Mindset”! Yes society has conditioned you to be this way and to live as If there is no other way out when in reality there are many passages you can take. The problem first is that you have to realize that what they told to believe as truths are not truths but lies to keep you blind, distracted, in debt and the millions of other thing they do to keep you under their boot.


If you read my previous post on “Why it is important to have a certain mindset in your life” you will see a quick write up on what Fixed Mindset is. So let’s continue to elaborate some more on this mindset. First let me tell you that it is not your fault that you are this way. The system has taken you into their propaganda centers and pumped you full of nonsense. They tell you that working a career is the best thing you should aspire to, they tell you that by going to College is the only way a person can become successful they tell you that being indebted yourselves up to your eyeballs in Mortgage and College Loans is the only way to live.
Is it really?
They pump this trash into your heads which in turns makes your mind build boundaries to keep you inside their world. By building those boundaries around your way of thinking will prevent you from thinking outside the box. After a while those boundaries in your mind become fixed and are no longer flexible and in a way makes you feel safe since you are no longer seeing the truth that is on the other side of the wall!
Your mind begins to think in a fixed mindset. You are only to think just enough to get through your life never taking the time to expand and become intelligent. Which is why the phrase “Knowledge is Power” is said so much because its true.
So many people these days are not as intelligent as they were years ago. Sure there are still small groups like us who are intelligent but all in all most average Joes and Jose’s are barely tilting the scales! We do not continue to learn new things once we are out of school! Our curiosity of the world has been taken away because we are so distracted with all of the nonsense being thrown at you every day!
The fixed mindset hates when someone comes in with a different way of thinking those with a fixed mindset view this person with disdain and suspicion much like they were doing to Jesus when he came on the scene planting the seeds of a new form of viewing the world.
And we all know what happened to him!
Having a fixed mindset has prevented millions of people from achieving their true passions of life. Instead they go live their lives unhappy and unfulfilled! No one wants that do they?


The reason why you have a fixed mindset is because those in power want to keep you under control. To keep spending and feeding a Monster with an appetite that just continues to grow as time goes forward. Without the implementation of the fixed mindset the Monster can no longer survive and soon will die. Which is why those in power will keep painting the world the way they want you to see it and not the way the world really is.
They want you to believe that the world is a scary place full of crazy people who hell bent in destroying you! They feed you fear by the truck loads and because you have a fixed mindset you eat it right up!
They tell you that intelligence is something you are born with and in reality that is true bit they forgot to tell you that one thing that could help you change your life for the better and that is that your Intelligence is not fixed but something that is malleable, bendable! You can add your life experiences to your intelligence and make yourself stronger than before! When you realize this you will begin to see the Wizard behind the curtain. You realize that all of that stuff they told you throughout your life is Bullshit!
Once you let go of the fixed mindset your life will look different more worth living!
It is all about control!


Now comes the hard part! How to get rid of your fixed mindset will require a lot of work from you and only you! This means that you will need to take that so called “Red Pill” and see life the way you are supposed to see it and not how someone else is telling you to see it. You do not need anyone it does not matter who to change your mindset, you are the “MASTER OF YOUR LIFE!” and no one else.
You will have to sit down and accept the truth! Start by reading books or blogs and as time goes on and you continue to fill your mind with ideas rather than distractions your mind will begin to calm down and your thoughts will become much clearer!
A total detoxification of your body and mind is what is required to get out of the fixed mindset thinking.
It will be a long hard road of falling off the horse as the mind is so used to believing what it is told. Yes your brain is lazy and only wants to work on the minimum so it will allow you to believe that this is how you are supposed to live, anything else will require you to use extra energy! So dominate your mind and you will dominate your thinking and how you see the world!
You will need to stop hanging out with change agents and start to think for yourself and do for yourself. It is all or nothing and if you are not willing to make a sacrifice then you are not serious enough to make your life better.
Go ahead and stay a Slave!
Or be self-reliant, have self-confidence and be a free thinker! Always break those boundaries that were placed in your head with each positive change in your life you make the more of man you will become!
Standing around waiting for help will no longer be a part of your behavior as you will be a man of action!


The word success means many things to many people! Some people view success like opening a business, accomplishing a goal and living life the way they want to live. But in a fixed mindset success will choke under the pollution of propaganda like a flower that has not been watered it will wither and die.
Success is a delicate thing as it enjoys to be around positive energy which people with a fixed mindset do not have. So if you want to be successful in life then drop those chains that having a fixed mindset will give you weighing you down and keeping you tired.
“God only help those who help themselves!”
Let go of the fixed mindset you have and allow success to come and take root! You owe it to yourself and those you love!


I’m no expert but I did notice the fixed mindset and have been trying all my life to get rid of it and I have but it took a long time. Success does not come without sacrifice and that was enough for me to keep going.
So stop living like a bum! Stop complaining how the world is so unfair to you! The truth is that it is your fault and no one else’s! You chose to live a fixed mindset but you can still change it.
Get your act together and show these people you can kick fixed mindset in the ass and send it on its way!
Drop the fixed mindset and opportunities will come! It is all up to you! Please COMMENT below and tell me what do you think?