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Why Your Emails Are Not Your Own! Tales of an IT Guy
With so much Technology everywhere we tend to forget where we are as well as what or whose equipment we are using to solve that users issue at that time. Working in the Corporate world of IT you see it all the time! People acting as if they are at home doing things that they should keep at home.

For example, did you know that if you write and send personal emails through your company's Outlook that it becomes their property? That means that if you use your computer to chat, email and even send photos to family member and friends they can keep that information for themselves to do as they see fit.

Which is why its always important that if you have an external email address like Gmail. Because when you have an external email address in order to access it you will need to go on the Internet and sign into their page rather than use your company's email servers. When you use a service like GMail you will avoid having to email anyone through your corporations email servers and instead you are in Google's email servers which have nothing to do with your Corporations emails.

I see it all the time:

But yet you see it all the time! People writing and taking care of personal business through their company computer's, phones and laptops. They type away without a care in the world blissfully unaware of what is being done on the other side. We will lie in waiting collecting your emails until the right time when your company decides to fire you or lay you off.

Yes the system collects your emails!

We do collect them or shall I say our exchange servers hold on to them and if needed we can give HR access to your email accounts so they can see ALL OF YOUR EMAILS! The good ones and bad ones. This can determine whether or not you can collect unemployment or gives them an excuse to fire you or lay you off.

As an IT guy I have seen this happen many times! HR coming up to me asking for such and such emails and the like. Which is why I cannot stress this enough when I said keep your personal emails out of your Employers hands and eyes. Be smart! Don't be foolish or lazy and go and set up an outside email account. As a matter of fact have more than one address!

Steps on how to set up an external email:

1. Go Online and look for a place like GMail or MSN and get yourself signed up for a new email address.

2. Follow the directions on how to set up your new email account it should take no longer than 5 minutes to set up

3. Get familiar with your new Email interface online. Learn how to compose emails where to type a persons address, how to forward emails and even upload files to your emails. Every company tends to be a little different but the idea is the same

4. Once you figure out how to use I would suggest that you email everyone you know or those who have emailed you at work to email you at the new address and not your company's email address. They will ask why and the whole shit you say that you got bored with the email and decided to start a new one.

5. After its all said and done you will be able to email through the internet and no one will be collecting your emails or could build a personal case against you. Hell with an external email address you can email your Resume to job listings while at work and no one will notice. You have to do things discreetly and never give others an upper hand against you.

Remember that you are in control of your life and what seems easy and comfortable tends to be that way so they can watch you and see what it is you are doing on their computer. In this day and age it pays to learn what to look for and how things work so if need be you circumvent the whole thing. Be the wiser and not ignorant!

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