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Your Career: How Having One Will Never Help You Progress To True Independence.

You hear it every day and see it everywhere people every morning heading out in large herds to fill up those shiny mountains of steel and glass. Where everything inside is one drab color where you rub elbows with people you do not like 8 hours a day 5 days a week! They tell you from the day you are born that a career is what you need to be successful. They tell you that this path is the true path to success. So naive as we are when we were young we believe that this is what we needed to do to become successful. I believed in the rhetoric as well! You go to college to get that degree so that you can make lots of money! You study hard go through hours of reading in the library while missing out on the latest frat party. You tell yourself that you are going to be successful and this degree will help you get through the door. Four years go by and out to the real world you go. A world you thought you knew all to well! In reality you have been living in a controlled reality while you spen…