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Your Career: How Having One Will Never Help You Progress To True Independence.
 You hear it every day and see it everywhere people every morning heading out in large herds to fill up those shiny mountains of steel and glass. Where everything inside is one drab color where you rub elbows with people you do not like 8 hours a day 5 days a week!
They tell you from the day you are born that a career is what you need to be successful. They tell you that this path is the true path to success. So naive as we are when we were young we believe that this is what we needed to do to become successful. I believed in the rhetoric as well!
You go to college to get that degree so that you can make lots of money! You study hard go through hours of reading in the library while missing out on the latest frat party. You tell yourself that you are going to be successful and this degree will help you get through the door.
Four years go by and out to the real world you go. A world you thought you knew all to well! In reality you have been living in a controlled reality while you spend your years in school. Where everything was handed to you, where when you had questions you knew where to go.
Now you are living in the real world! You noticed that no one is cheering or welcoming you to the real world. You quickly start sending out resumes to job boards hoping for a bite to the bright lights! A high paying salary and a corner office is what you are expecting.
Weeks go by and still no job offers. Undeterred you continue your job search hoping that maybe someone will find you and hire you.
Still nothing this time you are really desperate and you begin to send out resumes to anyone willing to listen.
You find one finally working for a conglomerate but not doing what you spent four years studying for. Instead they shove you into the mail room with the rest of the new college degrees holders.
All of the time you spend trying to get interviews, all that time you spent studying in college working hard because that is what they have been telling you for so long. Instead of sitting in your own office calling the shots you push a cart passing mail.
It starts to fuck with your confidence as it should because you had dreams of becoming something more, something better.
Now your career has been chosen for you!
Finally after a few years in the mail room you move up to a much better position where the pay is still shit! but hey at least you have a window near you cubicle you can look out of from time to time.
You work hard and harder as each year passes. You begin to rise in your career but still you have no life! So you spend most of your time at home watching TV.
That great life you had has slowly become a distant memory and it has made you bitter. Bitter because you thought you were destined for better. You played by the rules because you thought that was the right thing to do.
Then you bumped into the class clown that got left back in High School. You feel a little better as you remember how much of a loser he was back in the day. You talk for a few minutes then a limo pulls up. The driver comes around and opens the door for him. Surprised you asked him what he does and he tells you that he owns the building you work in!
What?? You mean dumbass has become a wealthy man and here iam still fucking broke? That should be me in that limo you tell yourself.
Then your mind tells you that your career is more important so we need to stick to it! Not knowing anything else you shrug your shoulders and continue to push ahead.
Years go by and age starts to settle in. By this time you become more aware of the truth! More aware that having a career will never help you become independent. You realize that all of your life you have been dependent on others on how you live your life.
Now you are old and retired. By this time you are probably taking some medications to control the several ailments you have and now you are allowed to have fun? Your career has taken the very life out of you and left you looking like an old shell of your former self. Your hopes and dreams gone for ever never to return!
This is what happens to people everyday. They are told that in order to be successful you need to have a career!
Going to college and getting a career is not the only way to achieve success! Life is never a straight line, life is full of twists and turns which is why the class clown became rich and the one who followed the rules was not.
The purpose of this post is so that you understand that your career does not run your life that those in power are not looking out for your best interest. That you learn to use your mind and learn to think critically.
Take it from me I’m living this hell now but I have realized that I need to go forth and start my own thing! I do not want to be like the guy in this post who gave his soul to the corporation and got nothing but a 401k that he can barely live off from.
If you are young and starting out then you need to find alternative ways for you to make your mark. Do not be just another cog!
A man makes his own future and not the other way around.
What do you think? Please comment below and tell me!