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How to Secretly Find Out if that Sneaky Girlfriend or Boyfriend is Cheating on Facebook

Click on the Picture and read on how to find out if your sneaky Girlfriend or Boyfriend is doing on Facebook by collecting their User Data. Its free and I will not as for your email address.

This is a free book for you to read and pass around to everyone. You do not ned to leave an email address. This e-book will remain up for now so donwload it and get informed!

Why Being Your Own Person Is Important Today!

Why Being Your Own Person Is Important Today! Through out your whole life they have told you to follow a certain path. A path that will guarantee you all of the successes and rewards that you will ever need!
They tell you to finish school which is a noble thing to do until you get to college and start building that debt. You know its not a good deal as you are already putting yourself in serious debt and you are not even 20 years old yet! You do not even know why you are going to college. Could it be that you are only going because you heard it so much during your elementary and High School days that you began to think that it is the right thing to do.
You keep going studying and studying for a degree in some career field that is saturated with people with the same certification as you. You continue to bust ass as you think that is not going to be you, that you have a plan that will get you a job.
I know what I’m doing those people who are jobless never planned because I’m special!

The Secret Word Every Successful Person Must Know in Order to do!

Have you ever wondered about how some people tend to get so lucky in their lives? How they always seem to be ahead of everyone else? Like you i have wondered about that for a very long time! Scratching my head for hours on end wondering why their lives were so different than mines. So much better! What made them better! At first I would think maybe he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth or that Mom and Dad were great achievers in their own lives and their genes passed down to him helping him to achieve success. Lucky dog! Those were the things I thought while I was coming up to my own. I would look at those people with the nice cars, trips and money and I would become to be honest envious! I wanted what they had but did not know how to get it! To bring myself to it. I felt I was always just a few feet away far enough for me to barely reach it! But as time went by I learned and watched rather than laying up on a couch complaining how the world is so unfair while playing video ga…

The Three Kick Ass Types Of Success

Success is a powerful word these days as it’s a measure of a value of what you are worth. Success is the only thing that people are able to see, its tangible and visible. Many people including myself want success in their lives! Being successful in your life can make others become amazed with wonderment as well as gaining a few followers who will admire what you did to become successful. Every Man and Woman will be looking up to you because It is something that the people themselves aspire to be. But what if I could tell you that anyone can achieve success? What if I tell you that success can be achieved on different levels? These days we view a person who is successful as being larger than life. They drive expensive cars, own large homes and live in the ritziest of areas. It is something that society likes to promote to the masses. But is this the only way? To tell you the truth as we all know life is complicated and something as simple as success can mean many things to many people.…

College Degree Saturation

College Degree Saturation. Talk to anyone around you these days and most likely they have a college degree. Ask them what did they study and you will get a million answers from Women’s Studies to Computer Engineer. That piece of paper has been shoved in our face so much that we wear it as a badge of honor! Something that can distinguish you from everyone else or so you like to think. You were told for most of your life to go to college and then afterwards you will get great job with a rewarding career! That may have been true back in the days but these days the music has changed tempo and no one can keep up. The economy right now is making all of these college degree holders look far and wide for a job and in the end they will never be able to get. One of the many reasons why is because of what i like to call College Degree Saturation. What is College Degree Saturation? Its when there are way too many college degree holders out there and not enough job openings for them. Which makes …

Capt.Capitalism: What Gen Z Can Learn from The Millennials

I came across a great post about what Generation "Z" can learn from what is going on today. This post was written by Aaron Clarey from the Captain Capitalism blog. If you have not gotten to read his fantastic posts about Economics, Men Issues. He is a an author of quite a few books which are located on his blog if you want to buy.

Its a long post for you people with an attention span of Goldfish but for the rest of you guys its one of the best articles I have read from Aaron Clarey.

Take the time to read:

The most important thing in life is other human beings

Why God Does Not Answer Your Prayers

In life at times we go through some serious issues that will make you feel at your wits end. It will feel that the world is coming down around you and you see no light in the end of that tunnel. Then a voice inside tells you that you need to pray!

So you dropped to you knees and bow your head and pray to God. You tell him or her to help you get through this negative moment in your life right now. You pray hard and long and when you are done you feel somewhat better but the problem is still there. Looking for a helping hand or for a sign that things will get better. As time goes by you continue to pray and hope that God can change your life around for the better.

You listen, listen, listen and listen some more. When you notice something that you already knew the answer to. And that answer is that God will not respond to you. Your problem is still there and only getting worse. You become mad and raise your fist at God and yell at him or her for not helping you.

First you have to unders…