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College Degree Saturation
College Degree Saturation. Talk to anyone around you these days and most likely they have a college degree. Ask them what did they study and you will get a million answers from Women’s Studies to Computer Engineer. That piece of paper has been shoved in our face so much that we wear it as a badge of honor! Something that can distinguish you from everyone else or so you like to think.
You were told for most of your life to go to college and then afterwards you will get great job with a rewarding career! That may have been true back in the days but these days the music has changed tempo and no one can keep up. The economy right now is making all of these college degree holders look far and wide for a job and in the end they will never be able to get.
One of the many reasons why is because of what i like to call College Degree Saturation. What is College Degree Saturation? Its when there are way too many college degree holders out there and not enough job openings for them. Which makes their degrees useless because every other person with the same degree has the same exact qualifications that you do! Because of this your degree looses its market value!
Its like buying a brand new American made car and its loosing its value the instant it rolls out the door!
Not a worthy investment is it?
You spend so many years in studying and progressing so that you can go out and make money maybe even find a “good job” only to find out that there millions of others with the same degree trying to get the few open jobs available in your field of study! Knowing that you have to pay for those school loans you will then take a job that someone with a High School degree or less can do.
College Degree Saturation gets worse year by year as more and more college graduates come out into the real world. Sure those with Engineering, Law and Medicine will find jobs and may even strike out on their own and make money I’m talking about those who have Business Admin, Communications and the like who will have an extremely hard time. Even those in STEM degrees are slowly also coming t same realization of College DegreeSaturation.
When companies have a huge pools of people who want to work, who are desperate in getting anything they will begin to get the best of the litter and pay them shit! Why? Because they can! Because they can find another just like you who is willing to even work for lower wages that you do!
I bet your College Adviser never told you about that you would be having such a hard time in getting a job! I bet he filled your head with dreams of getting a corner office making six figures only to find out you will be making waaaaaayyy less than six figures and the only office you will work out of is a cubicle!
Talk about getting conned!
Now you have to work a low wage job and while you are working on that job you are losing the skills you learned in college. If you do not practice your learned skill you will lose it!
Although there is another way for you to avoid the College Degree Saturation! That is to realize that here in the US is not the only place in the world with opportunities! Yes! If you want your college degree to at least get you the job you went to school for then you will need to head East or South maybe up to Canada where ever just not here! You will be more of value treated with more respect than you are here in the US. You are young and full of life why not do it find an opportunity elsewhere!
Companies or Corporations do not give a f**k about you only what they can get from you. They will try to get the most work with little money. They have the upper hand and you do not! You have to suffer being interviewed by bored HR people who will put you through a filter and try to find out everything about you so that you can get a bullshit job.
So i look at it like this! You have two choices to make! You either stay here and work menial jobs because 20 million other people are competing for the same jobs. Or you can take a chance and avoid this College Degree Saturation and leave here and head for countries on the up and up. Sure life would be different. Sure you will most likely have to learn a new language! but who cares you are young and will be able to adapt and learn how to do things. Besides you were not doing nothing interesting here in the states anyway.
You decide!
What do you think? Is College Degree Saturation a real issue? Let me know and lets start a conversation by commenting below!