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The Secret Word Every Successful Person Must Know in Order to do!

Have you ever wondered about how some people tend to get so lucky in their lives? How they always seem to be ahead of everyone else? Like you i have wondered about that for a very long time!
Scratching my head for hours on end wondering why their lives were so different than mines.
So much better!
What made them better!
At first I would think maybe he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth or that Mom and Dad were great achievers in their own lives and their genes passed down to him helping him to achieve success.
Lucky dog!
Those were the things I thought while I was coming up to my own. I would look at those people with the nice cars, trips and money and I would become to be honest envious!
I wanted what they had but did not know how to get it! To bring myself to it. I felt I was always just a few feet away far enough for me to barely reach it!
But as time went by I learned and watched rather than laying up on a couch complaining how the world is so unfair while playing video games in Mom’s basement.
I kept at it working doing things to better myself and have a piece of that pie myself!
Then on a warm sunny day walking home from the local Bodega I came to realization that I too can be like those what I call “Superstars”!
The only difference between me, you and those other people is just one thing!
Just one word that can change a mans life for the better!
Want to know what it is?
That word is
Yes those who are successful have action! They use it to make their lives better unlike us Average Joe’s that would much rather complain about how their lives suck!
Once you figure it out that there is not much difference in those that do versus those that don’t, you will understand that success is not as hard as we think it is.
Your dreams and aspirations will never come true unless you take
You will never be the man you want to be if you do not take
With ACTION will come Ambition. Motivation and of course Success!
Stop being a lazy ass go get a haircut, wash your ass and put on some nice clean clothes and see how different you will look! See how different you will feel! Trust me people will notice your new found confidence all because you took ACTION
By just doing that you have already taken action and your life has quickly changed for the better! Its that easy!
You dream of a life of excitement and success! It can be achieved if you only take ACTION!
It takes work to be the man you want to be! Which is why taking ACTIONeveryday of your life will slowly turn you into the man you want to be!
Make that investment! Stop being a useless cog in this so called life and start living.
So go ahead! Take life by the horns and bend it to your will! Action will turn you into the man destined for greatness! The man that all women want to sleep with and make you their Saturday night booty call!
AH! you made it all the way down here and now you are ready to take action and live life the way you are supposed to live. Then my friend you have a decision to make!
I want you tomorrow when you get up go to the mirror and tell yourself that you are a man of action!
Tell yourself that you want to change and that taking action is a way for you to do that!
Then ask your self another question!
Do you want to be an Average Joe and have no one notice you? Or would you rather be calling the shots like a real man does!
Decide for yourself! No matter what you decide remember this decision alone can either change your life for the better or for worse.
In the end only you can take action! What re you afraid of?
Are you a man of action? Then why not take action by commenting below and telling us what makes you a man of action!