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The Three Kick Ass Types Of Success
Success is a powerful word these days as it’s a measure of a value of what you are worth. Success is the only thing that people are able to see, its tangible and visible.
Many people including myself want success in their lives! Being successful in your life can make others become amazed with wonderment as well as gaining a few followers who will admire what you did to become successful. Every Man and Woman will be looking up to you because It is something that the people themselves aspire to be.
But what if I could tell you that anyone can achieve success? What if I tell you that success can be achieved on different levels?
These days we view a person who is successful as being larger than life. They drive expensive cars, own large homes and live in the ritziest of areas. It is something that society likes to promote to the masses. But is this the only way?
To tell you the truth as we all know life is complicated and something as simple as success can mean many things to many people. We just only see the one way and not the other ways you can achieve success.
I believe success can measured in many different levels and not just monetary. Don’t get me wrong having money is great as it is a tool to get you the things you really need as well as give you Power. But it is not the only thing that we give value to! Once that value is gone Money becomes worthless!
Success can be split into three parts! Each part is different from the other because it will be measured differently as the goals to achieve success become different for each group.
Here are the three types of success you could fit into.


Financial success tends to be the one that is promoted the most. This means that the person was moved to make money and that is it! Now there is nothing wrong with making money as every man should take the opportunity to make it. Still in society to have money is to also have happiness but in reality we all know that is not true.
To become a financial success you will need to sacrifice everything in your life! It means working long hours missing important family events and the like! Which is why the majority of these people are not emotionally happy or are happy with the way their lives have turn out. Money to them is God and nothing will stop the person from making money.
There is no emotion involvement with money as money is just paper but with it brings power and fame! A funny thing happens though is that those who are a financial success become bored with their lives as they reached their goals of making money they find themselves alone, afraid and bored believe it or not even paranoid! Since now you will need to wary of those people you meet or allow in your life.
Let’s move on to the next one shall we?


This is one most people never hear about but it exists! Emotional success means a person who has his emotions under control! Whose life is full of happiness as well as a person who is goal oriented as well as a achiever.
This type of success tends to be a lot harder to get as it requires you to look at yourself and your flaws. It requires a person to feel their emotions and figure out why they feel the way they feel. Emotional success is a lot harder to gauge since there is no tangible or real thing to measure. A person who has conquered and achieved emotional success is a person who views life differently! Kind of like a person who has a growth mindset! A person who is secure in himself or herself who knows how to or not to let their emotions take over them.
The people are usually happy go lucky in life and to them life is something to live for everyday! Their currency is not measured in Greenbacks but in smiles! They walk confidently and approach any life obstacle and find the silver lining in it.
Their lives tend to be full of opportunities and their social circle is large! For these people it is all about living positive and not negative!


Now we come to the third and last type of success! This one is like achieving nirvana as so few people have reached this type of success. To have both financial and emotional success should be something that everyone should aspire to be as it will make you perfect! To have money and to know your emotions is something powerful once you have attained it.
To achieve this type of success requires a person to work harder than others in different aspects of their lives in order to achieve financial and emotional success!
Like a Shaolin Monk you will practice and ponder it for years but once you have achieved it then you will become the Master of your life you always wanted to be.
It will take devotion, discipline, patience and hard work to achieve this level of success in your life. There are no rule book on how to achieve this level of perfection and you will make mistakes along the road. It can be done!

In conclusion:

Although this is just theory that happen to pop in my head a few days ago I still think that to be a success requires a person to master their whole lives! To become a Generalist rather than a Specialist! As a Generalist you are forced to look at your whole life and not bits and pieces of it! Its just a theory and I think at least to me it makes sense only because life is not something that goes in a straight line but instead goes squiggly all over the place. Life is complicated and open as nothing is set in stone!
So if you want to be successful then you will need to strive and be in the Financial and Emotional Success section. Who knows though you may be already on your way as you may have already fallen into the other sections and all you will have to do is to bring them together. After that your life ill become better!
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