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Why Being Your Own Person Is Important Today!

Why Being Your Own Person Is Important Today! Through out your whole life they have told you to follow a certain path. A path that will guarantee you all of the successes and rewards that you will ever need!

They tell you to finish school which is a noble thing to do until you get to college and start building that debt. You know its not a good deal as you are already putting yourself in serious debt and you are not even 20 years old yet! You do not even know why you are going to college. Could it be that you are only going because you heard it so much during your elementary and High School days that you began to think that it is the right thing to do.

You keep going studying and studying for a degree in some career field that is saturated with people with the same certification as you. You continue to bust ass as you think that is not going to be you, that you have a plan that will get you a job.

I know what I’m doing those people who are jobless never planned because I’m special!

You get that job and you realize hat they are giving you shit work to do like filing and clerking. Knuckling down you continue to work and every know and then you look up from the file cabinet and see those beautiful people walk up and down a plain institutional white hallway. As you rise up the ranks they begin to drop more responsibilities on your lap.

Witnessing the the harshness of office politics is giving you a bad taste in your mouth. Realizing now that the path you are on is not made of Gold but of concrete and glass!

Over worked underpaid and a shitty paycheck to go with it!

Tired of the rat race you begin to look for a way out!

Going online you search for ways of getting out! You fall for a few of those gimmicks at first then after a while you stop falling for the shit and then a thought comes to mind that being your own person is what you should aspire to be!

Being you own person? You look at yourself but "I'am my own person?" Yes you maybe a person but in reality we are all just empty shells that walk around dead. The path they told you to follow took your curiousity, your vigor as well as your mind! and now you realize its all a game and this makes you so mad that you just want to get up and quit!


Its another email that popped up and in that instant you are right back to that cubicle prison you were in before. Quickly depression sets it as in the end all you are doing is lying to yourself. There is no way out of this “Rat Race” i have invested too much into it!

Everyday its the same thing day in and day out with no end. Depression sets in and you begin to let yourself go as you just do not care anymore about anything. JD becomes your drinking partner and thats it everyday for you.

No Money

No Car

Living with your parents

Most of your paycheck is being taken by student loans

You thought your life would never be like this! Like those people you made fun of because you thought you were better than them because you had a plan!

You are so burned out and tired because of lack of sleep. Worrying what will happen tomorrow at work.

Alone, tired, sexless, overweight etc. you decided to end it so you reach for the drawer where your 9mm pistol is hiding. You look at it for a minute and check to see if its loaded! Yup its loaded you moved the gun to the side of your head. By this time you are breathing heavily your mind is racing as you try to make up your mind!

You cry a little because you are afraid!

A few more deep breaths while gripping the pistol tight you slowly squeeze and…

This was me at one time in my life. A time i call the “Dark”! During that time i had to let go of the many misconceptions that are held as holy in society.

Questions would pop in my mind asking myself is this what life has to offer? There has to be a better way to do this? Living like a rat is not how i want to be! SO i began to read and began to understand how the world works as i got more enlightened i began to realize tat we are not living in freedom but as slaves in a plantation!

Getting whipped constantly to get us to pick more cotton!

I want to be my own man! And now I’m doing it!! I do not have the fancy house or care as of yet but I ‘m working towards it!

So young person! Stop procrastinating and pay attention to what is going on around you. Listen to the street and read, read and then read some more!! You learn more on your own than when you were in college!

So my friend take heed! Being your own person means that you make your own path even if its against the grain. Life is short so start living!!!