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Why God Does Not Answer Your Prayers
In life at times we go through some serious issues that will make you feel at your wits end. It will feel that the world is coming down around you and you see no light in the end of that tunnel. Then a voice inside tells you that you need to pray!

So you dropped to you knees and bow your head and pray to God. You tell him or her to help you get through this negative moment in your life right now. You pray hard and long and when you are done you feel somewhat better but the problem is still there. Looking for a helping hand or for a sign that things will get better. As time goes by you continue to pray and hope that God can change your life around for the better.

You listen, listen, listen and listen some more. When you notice something that you already knew the answer to. And that answer is that God will not respond to you. Your problem is still there and only getting worse. You become mad and raise your fist at God and yell at him or her for not helping you.

First you have to understand that this is not an Atheist post. I do believe in a higher being but my issue is that we expect him or her to fix our problems for us rather than we fix our own problems. You see God will not help you or answer you if your issues are that of your own doing. He or she has made you with everything you need to survive and to survive anything being thrown at you. We are not only social animals but we are also adaptable to our surroundings.

In other words he or she will not answer you because you already have the power to fix your life and all the problems in it. Asking for stuff to be handed to you why not do for yourself and have him or her guide you. Asking for shit when you yourself can get it is a sign a weakness and God did not make you to be weak! you are strong and able to stand on your own! He has made you into a God, a God that can have control over your own life. Stop playing the victim and take charge of your life.

Excuses will get you no where and God knows the power you have in you! So why are you asking for stuff wasting your time that can be used to fix the problem. If you want to talk to God then give him praise and respect not for stuff.

Stop being weak and take responsibility. God has given you the sense of what is right and what is wrong. If you living foul why would you think that God will actually hear you or help you. The best you can do is to hold on while the storm passes and the sun shines again and it will. That problem or issue you are having right now will pass and again the sun will shine on your face until the next storm and yes it will come soon enough.

God is already within you so there is not need to look up into the sky. He has already been telling you what you already need to do. That voice in your head is God talking to you showing you and telling what you need to do and yet you ignore it. Why? Listen to that voice and it will change your life. Learn to control yourself and your emotions when the shit is coming down hard. Approach the problem and learn from it.

God does not want you to kneel! He made you a God so why kneel? Kneeling is only done to other men which is not good. You should never bow to another no matter what they are to you other than God.

If you going to pray thank him don't ask him! Be smart about it.