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10 Crazy Easy Steps in Getting a Job Quickly!

Little Story:
First I would like to apologize to everyone who has visited my blog and noticed it was not updated in quite a while. Truth be told I had been working on many things these past few weeks which has prevented me in having the time to post in this blog.
You see I had decided to move to another state where there are more opportunities for a man in my field of Technology.
Yes we moved to Florida! 
This happened in March when I first moved my family there but stayed in Va and worked until my wife was able to find a job. Within a few weeks she was able to grab a position at a well known firm in the Healthcare system.
While I worked in Va I would be sending resumes out to Florida businesses which I don’t know why got no response! I wonder if they got scared of dealing with me being that I was not a in state person. Even though I told them specifically that my family was there and I was still in Va working until I found something in Fla. Unfortunately, after several weeks of close call…