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5 Tiring But Essential Steps When Moving To Another State.

Look for the State you are interested in livingPlan a quick visit to check out the atmosphere and areaResearch! Check state economy and what types of jobs are in demand in that state. Also check where the state schools rank if you have childrenFind a place to live Begin looking for work in and around the area you are going to live inShop for a moving truck or a moving companyStart packing. Give away stuff you no longer need Once you find work give noticeDrive your family to your new home or apartmentMove your stuff to the new apartmentRegister your car and insurance to the state you live in nowChange your Drivers License Learn your way around and download Waze AppFind a jobAdd your kids to the School System Let everyone know where you live at now

And that my friends is how you properly move from one state to another. But if you are a person who hates waiting you can say “Fuck It!” at the last minute and move! You figure it out as you go!