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To Have a Successful Career you will need the right College Degree.

These days young people are ready  and eager to start their Adult lives. It's a great time full of wonder and excitement of what their future will hold.
But before you go out and commit 4 years to get a degree have you really done your research? 
By that I mean have you searched what jobs are in demand these days? 
Far too many young people jump off the cliff hoping to land in some water and instead hit the rocks because the career they chose is not in demand.
I know many people who have a degree in whatever under the sun and yet in the White Collar Man world most are just lowly cubicle dwellers and are only there because they need to survive.
These people do the same thing day in and day out totally unhappy with their choice. 
We cannot blame them for their poor choice only because we did not prepare them to see College and University as an investment. Instead we tell them that they should go to school to find themselves. As if you need to spend thousands of dollars a year for that.
If …

The One Important Thing You Should Do Before Interviewing!

You made it through College and now you are ready to make your mark in the world!
But before you do you will need to do this one important thing before you become a White Collar Man or Woman.
Go to your closet right now! 
At your closet? 
Good now tell me what you see hanging on those hangers? Do you have any Corporate clothes you can wear for job interviewing? What about it shoes?
You don't? 
Then may I say that it's time to change your wardrobe and add to your collection of Sportswear and setup a section for Corporate wear. 
Yes folks you will need to go out and buy some New clothes for work. 
What types of clothes? Well if you are going to go on interviews you will need to get your self a suit (if you can) if not you can buy your self some collared shirts and slacks  to get you through.
Types of shirts you should get are button down shirts preferably long sleeve in classic white or blue. No wild patterns that look too sporty or wild colors that make you look more li…