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Why Work So Hard?

In the end your desk will not make it to your funeral!

Enjoy life right now and not later! Build something of value that you and others can use. Make your time valuable and productive.

Don't be like me! Strapped to a Desk helping users solve their Computer issues! It sucks! Believe me.

Because you want people to remember you as a Man who lived his life right, like that when you are on your deathbed you will go knowing that you have done something with your life!

This is how you become immortal!

Whatever Happened to Self-Reliance?

I don't know but I noticed especially now that Self-Reliance is something that is no longer taught or revered. It's like we have become so conditioned to depend on others and on things that we just can't see how to do it on our own.
Every animal in this planet is Self-Reliant in one form or another. They learn to find food, breed, fight and at times kill so that they can live another day. This self-reliance is something that is bred and conditioned into every species. 
When animals are first born some depend on others for their survival until they are strong enough to go out or are forced out on their own. 
Unfortunately, we have forgotten to teach our children about self reliance. It's like many young people including older adults are totally useless on their own. It's like we are like little kids but in adult bodies.
We bitch and moan how unfair life is not or even knowing that we are the only ones that can change it. Yet we depend on strangers to help us with everyt…